Why Drop Servicing Thrives During A Recession And How You Can Dominate By Dylan Sigley


Why Drop Servicing Thrives During A Recession And How You Can Dominate By Dylan Sigley Blog Image

I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about how the coronavirus is affecting drop servicing businesses and how potential recession might affect drop servicing businesses. So, I wanted to make a quick video for you here to show you how right now things are really better than ever when it comes to drop servicing and how you can really thrive during these types times when it comes to a drop servicing business. So, these are the types of results that I’m getting at the moment in my drop servicing businesses. I’m going to show how to get those same results during these difficult times. Let’s get into it.

Have you ever felt like building a real online business that drives consistent results, freedom and control? An online business can feel uncertain, confusing and overwhelming, but what if you had the vision, mindset and actions to get from A to B in building online business step-by-step, so you can live a life in freedom, consistency, and control.

Focus on the good sides

So, first of all, during the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s a lot more attention online. You want to look at where the attention is and right now, everyone’s at home on the Internet, on their computers, surfing YouTube, looking at Facebook, reading the email. Those are all places your offers can be to put in front of them. 

Everyone’s on their laptops and they see more offers. That’s a great thing for you. It means you’re able to reach a target audience much easier. Reach out to decision-makers at companies and put your offer in front of them. You can even use the coronavirus as the reason for your offer, whether it be some kind of discount or whatever it may be. 

So, you know, the audience is in the right place, but what are the best kinds of businesses right now to be targeting? Obviously, it’s not restaurants or any business where people need to come in through the door. Think to yourself, what types of businesses right now are the right ones? Well, it’s any online business, right? Any online business right now is thriving because everyone’s on the Internet and they’re looking at their computers, which makes them much easier for you. And those are the types of businesses you should go after when it comes to your offer like marketing. So, what you can do is reach out with offers, like Website building or Facebook advertising, which is very cheap right now.

Then, obviously, subscription businesses are perfect too because everyone needs to get things delivered to the door. Also, we have more time right now than ever, right? You no longer need to go to university or work or whatever it may be due to working remotely. You have more time. What that means is you can put more offers out there. 

So, right now you should be out there making many more offers than you would before and getting many more results than you would before. It’s really a great time for you because everyone’s at home looking at that computer. All of the decision-makers that you want to reach out to are looking where you want them to be looking.  A lot of them need to start looking for customers online, so they need a website, they need marketing, etc. to be able to make money online themselves. 

What is going to happen next?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions around the recession. There’s a potential recession. What that’s going to mean for drop servicing? Well, what happens during a recession? Companies, obviously, still need to do marketing. They still need services. So, where do they go? They no longer go for the expensive fancy agencies.

They go for freelancers in smaller online businesses like ours, as drop servicers. So really, it’s a good thing for us. That means that we’re going to be getting a lot more decision-makers looking for cheaper services like ours because obviously drop servicing business is always a lot cheaper than the fancy agencies out there. Hence, recession is actually really great for drop servicing and that’s why I’m seeing really great results right now in my drop servicing businesses. 

What this means for you and what you want to make sure you’re doing is, first of all, put more offers out into the market because everyone’s on computers. You have more time to put more offers out there. Make sure you’re on all of the freelancing networks such as freelance.com, Upwork.com, because more people are going to these sites to look for services as, obviously, it’s a bit cheaper. So, that’s the next thing you want to be doing. 

Essentially, put more offers out there and be in the places where these decision-makers are right now, which is all over social media and then all over the freelance networks looking for cheaper work. That’s why I’m doing so well right now. That’s how you can do well right now. And what I want you to do is go out there, implement those steps I’ve given to you and smash it out during this period, guys. It’s the best period. It’s not that bad. So jump into it.

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