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Hundreds of people around the world have changed their lives with Drop Servicing

Christian - Quit his job 3 months after starting Drop Servicing and moved to his dream city

  • Dropped out of college and wasn’t doing anything with his life
  • ​Had a job at a warehouse and hated working there
  • Wanted to work for himself
  • ​​Tried other business models but did not succeed
  • ​Saw Dylan’s ad on YouTube and decided to take a chance
  • ​After 3 months, he was making more with Drop Servicing than what he was making with his job
  • ​Quit his job 3 months after joining the program
  • ​Over $142,000 in revenue with Drop Servicing so far

Ed - Built a successful business as a busy father of 2 kids

  • A hardworking husband and a father of 2 kids
  • ​Wanted to be autonomous and have more time to spend with his family
  • ​Tried other business models but was really impressed with Drop Servicing because it is “nimble and low risk”
  • ​$53,000 in revenue in just 6 months without spending anything on marketing
  • ​Expecting to generate $100,000 in sales after 8 months of business
  • ​“I’ve tried a lot of free and paid programs and I can’t find a single one that’s as thorough as this, it’s literally step by step.”
  • ​“The community is very powerful and supportive. You will feel like everyone is there to answer your questions and to help you out.”
  • ​“I’ve never been in a community with such a focused and responsible leader like Dylan who’s determined to make everyone successful.”

Lauren - Built a fully automated Drop Servicing business from the Philippines

  • Originally from the Philippines, now residing in Cambridge, UK, supported by her successful business.
  • Previously managed eight physical stores in Philippine malls, but due to the pandemic, had to close them down.
  • Transitioned to drop servicing with a significant profit margin increase from 8% in her previous brick-and-mortar businesses to 70%.
  • Despite having no digital marketing knowledge, she sought a pandemic-proof business model and joined the course.
  • Devoted 6 weeks of evening study after work to the course content and achieved a $8,700 drop servicing sale within 6 weeks and $58,000 in the first 6 months.
  • Now enjoys the flexibility to choose clients and an average order value of $20,000 USD.
  • Describes drop servicing as her "favorite business model."
  • Views the course as comprehensive, stating, “This kind of course is really the real deal. It’s really detailed. I don’t think there is another Drop Servicing Course out there that could cover everything that you need to learn to help someone like me [a beginner with no digital marketing knowledge]”
  • Praises the course community for learning from successful peers and emphasizes, "If you want to change your life, grab this course because it's really changed mine.”

Aleksa - Currently running a business that generates 6 figures annually

  • Based in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Achieving a monthly income of $150,000, with a goal to reach $300,000
  • Initially pursued a career in professional basketball while studying in the United States, but circumstances led him to explore online business.
  • Describes investing in the drop servicing blueprint course as "the best decision he made in his life."
  • Secured his first $1000 sale within 2 months, achieving full financial independence in 12 months.
  • Currently running a business that generates 6 figures annually, with monthly earnings ranging from 9k-10k USD.
  • Successfully dropped out of college and returned home due to his business success.
  • Advocates for proactive learning, stating, "If you want to learn something, just buy it [the drop servicing blueprint course].”
  • Highlights a remarkable return on investment, declaring, "The money I made is 300x back."
  • Regards the Drop Servicing community and course as "100% the best decision I've ever made in my life.”

Michelle - Consistently earns between $5,000-$10,000 USD monthly

  • Originally from Dallas, Texas, now residing in Thailand.
  • Dreamed of living in India long-term, which is why she started searching for ways to make money online.
  • Explored various online income avenues, including challenging experiences with affiliate marketing and finding online English teaching time-consuming.
  • Discovered drop servicing through her husband, attracted by the idea that specific skills weren't necessary.
  • "Out of everything I've tried, it was definitely the easiest thing to do as a beginner."
  • Engaged with the course after watching a free webinar, starting the business as a new mom.
  • Appreciates the ease of asking questions in the course and receiving really prompt replies.
  • It took her 3 months to make her first sale. Now she consistently earns between $5,000-$10,000 USD monthly.
  • Describes the business startup as relatively easy and encourages beginners to give it a try, emphasizing the importance of consistent effort - “Give it a try because I do believe that anyone could do it as long as they actually show up consistently”
  • "Our life is a hundred times better now."
  • "I think it's the best way to work online, for sure!”

Guy - Got her first sale in 3 months

  • A full-time nurse from Australia.
  • Got her first sale in 3 months, achieving $3,000 in revenue.
  • Pursued drop servicing to attain financial security, recognising there's an alternative to traditional retirement plans.
  • Discovered the course and found the content to be exceptional, covering everything needed to start.
  • Right now she’s attracting new clients, with past clients returning as monthly retainers.
  • She emphasises the course and coaching's crucial lesson: understanding every aspect of her service is paramount to her business success.

Muhammad - Generated over 100k in a year through Drop Servicing without doing personal sales calls

  • Based in Bangladesh.
  • Previously engaged in Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping but found the profit margins unsatisfactory.
  • Describes the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and community as life-changing, with very fast responses to his questions in the group.
  • Applied Dylan's course and coaching, seeing results within a month and a half.
  • Overcame English language barriers and came up with a method for getting sales without sales calls using WhatsApp.
  • Expresses excitement over Drop Servicing, citing a 10x higher profit margin compared to Dropshipping.
  • Achieved his first sale within 1.5 months.
  • Generated over 100k in just a year through Drop Servicing without doing personal sales calls.
  • Currently expanding his services and planning to grow with a dedicated sales team.
  • Emphasizes the value of the course community, stating, "The community was more than worth it.”

Ang - $3,000 USD in 6 weeks and keeps growing

Derik - Makes up to $30,000 USD with each sale

Fredrik - Consistently gets high profit sales while working full time and studying

Pauline - 10 high profit sales in 4 months

Michael - "I've been involved in online marketing for 20 years and this is the most detailed course I've seen"

Anthony - Consistently getting high profit sales

And many more...

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The Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley is rated 4.9/5