About Drop Servicing Blueprint

Build, Automate & Scale Your Business

Drop Servicing Blueprint is an organization consulting and providing digital services for businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

It was started by a group of digital marketers with the goal of impacting their clients’ bottom line through a combination of high quality digital marketing services and expert consulting based on real world experiences.

Coming together, our team developed a consulting methodology known as ‘Drop Servicing’ which is simply a strategy for impacting top line revenue through additional services that add value to your business operations and expand your marketing capacity at a lower cost due to virtual teams working around the world.

Our digital marketing services include a full suite of marketing, design, and content creation. This includes social media marketing, lead generation, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC, graphic design, video marketing and more.

We also provide a “Partner Program” package where our clients get a combination of both our digital marketing services and consulting services. This enables us to offer our services at a much more affordable rate so our clients yield much more value by working with us.