About Drop Servicing Blueprint

Build, Automate & Scale Your Business


The Drop Servicing Blueprint is an education platform that has helped 2000+ entrepreneurs from 100+ countries build, automate & scale their drop servicing businesses.

Founded by Dylan Sigley in 2019, the Blueprint uses the strategies and tactics he uses in the businesses he still runs to this day as well as those developed in coaching his students.

The Drop Servicing Blueprint offers a range of services including consulting, digital services and an education platform for new and established entrepreneurs.

Since starting in 2019 the Drop Servicing Blueprint has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and their businesses build and grow their online businesses.

The Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program includes coaching, community, and course elements that have been engineered to get results.

The product quality of the Blueprint is the reason why this program has countless results and positive feedback from its clients.

There are weekly coaching sessions by successful Drop Servicers in the Blueprint Facebook group where clients get personalized feedback.

A community of other motivated entrepreneurs on the same path all supporting each other towards their goals.

And the Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program course which contains 30+ hours of exclusive content and supporting templates to make building and growing your business easy.

These elements make this program work but what differentiates its results from others in the industry is the done for you elements.

Dylan Sigley and the team at the Drop Servicing Blueprint provide access to their very own freelancer teams complete with examples, niches, templates, offers, pricing and more that has been proven to work in their own drop servicing businesses.

Not only is the Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program teaching you how to build a successful business, it’s also giving you everything from successful online businesses so you can simply put together the puzzle pieces while you master the skills.


The Drop Servicing Blueprint Partner Program is our flagship product made up of a course, coaching and community. This includes 30+ hours of step by step detailed training and 100+ ‘done for you’ templates.

Dylan Sigley is highly active in the community and holds weekly live coaching calls with his students. The community also has other successful drop servicers with 6 and 7 figure businesses that are highly active.

Here we teach entrepreneurs how to start from scratch and achieve their goals but also give everything from a successful business.

You get the opportunity to partner with a high quality Drop Servicing team complete with everything you need to build your business from scratch or scale your existing business.

A core aspect of the Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program is the video course.

It is constantly being updated with new strategies from Dylan and other successful drop servicers businesses.

Each video contains action steps and checklists you simply need to check off and move forward to build your business step by step.

Nothing is left out of the Blueprint, which is why many of our successful clients are complete beginners with no prior experience, skills or knowledge. W

The Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program course includes the done for you business module where we provide you with the winning idea, service, team, niche, packages, pricing, portfolio and offer.

To support the Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program video course and make the process easier Dylan has also provided 100+ templates he uses to build and run his own businesses.

The next part of the  Drop Servicing Blueprint partner program that has helped thousands of students from all over the world is the thriving and successful online community.

Not only do students get taught by Dylan Sigley the ins and outs of how to launch and scale a drop servicing business but they get access to an exclusive club of other entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.

Dylan Sigley quickly built the biggest drop servicing community in the world made up of entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in numerous niches including copywriting, web development, web design, and Facebook advertising.

There are people from all walks of life, across the globe in our community that are taking action and getting results.

As a member of the Drop Servicing Blueprint community you’re going to have people behind you, on your level, and ahead of you.

This means you can get the support and knowledge you need for your drop servicing journey.

But more than that, it means you’ll make friends and bonds for life as a member of the Drop Servicing Blueprint.


At the Drop Servicing Blueprint we deliver digital services to support small B2B business owners and their clients. 

This means our clients are able to create additional revenue channels and create value for their clients beyond their core offer.

The way it works is our clients plug their existing business systems into our tech enabled platform allowing them to add additional services to their website, email marketing, and sales team strategies. 

In a client-focused business you want to ensure an exceptionally high level of quality and value in your core offer. All we do is allow you to include additional services alongside that core offer to generate more value for your clients and more revenue for your business.

As a service based business owner you know your clients often need multiple supporting digital services as part of their greater digital marketing strategy.

Our digital services include marketing strategy, graphic design, video marketing and more. You can simply plug into our network of fully managed digital service teams. We’ve already built the systems and teams so you don’t have to.

This turnkey solution allows you to instantly access high-quality services through our digital platform. We scour the globe for the highest skilled workers. Then using our tech-enabled platform, we have systems in place to automate the process for you.

Everything is managed in-house by our team and sold under your brand. This means you can instantly plug into our platform and have dedicated project managers handle the process for you.

Since 2015 we’ve worked with hundreds of clients across 80+ industries delivering high-quality services. 

So, what’s involved in adding digital services to your existing business systems? 

First, we provide a free strategy session with one of our consultants. 

They will develop your strategy and digital service plan to complement your core offer. 

Next, they’ll discuss with you a strategy for building your funnel including the emails, sales pages and sales assets.

Finally, we begin the process of deploying complementary services for your clients.


Our digital marketing teams have managed millions of dollars in ad spend across 22 B2B niches. Their cross platform experience means that no matter what type of client focused business you run, your marketing campaign will be in the right hands. The services we offer include marketing strategy, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising, Youtube advertising, Google advertising, and more.


No matter who your client is, it’s highly likely they’ll be looking for some form of graphic design service. Our graphic design team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals with decades of combined experience. Whether you need print design, digital design, logo design or a full visual identity rebrand, we’ve got you covered.


Our video animation team has worked with over 500 small, medium, and large businesses worldwide including Cisco, Pernod Ricard, and Ernst & Young. Video marketing will help your business communicate your core message in a way that resonates and engages with your audience online. Our services include whiteboard videos, explainer videos, tutorial videos, corporate videos and more.



Our team of professional consultants doesn’t just come from a place of theory, though they all have their requisite masters degree, they come from a place of action.

Each member of our team is a small business owner in the B2B space and using that real world experience has cumulatively consulted thousands of other small businesses worldwide how to succeed with digital marketing strategies. 

Coming together, our team developed a methodology known as ‘Drop Servicing’ which is simply a strategy for impacting top line revenue through additional services that both add value to your clients and to your bottom line.

This methodology focuses on first maximizing the return on investment you get from your current way of doing things. 

This is done by deploying a variety of strategies and tactics we’ve found consistently work in our own businesses. 

Secondly, we focus on deploying additional strategies and systems to scale your marketing capabilities and production capacity.

Our methodology has been using my hundreds of clients worldwide to impact key performance indicators across marketing, sales, and production elements of our B2B clients.