About Drop Servicing Blueprint

Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0

The Drop Servicing Blueprint Course is an education program designed to take you from beginner to advanced in drop servicing. It uses cutting edge video training, group coaching, and community components to skyrocket your growth. Everything inside is constantly updated according to the latest strategies and tactics from our real online businesses.


It doesn’t matter if you have no experience, knowledge or skills; you can make it happen by joining us. You’ll learn everything through practical action items that take you by the hand and show you what to do step by step.


Drop Servicing Blueprint Is The Most Results Getting Proven System Anywhere

You’re going to get the precise tactics, strategies, and processes we use to build scale and automate our drop servicing businesses that we still run to this day. It took me 5 years and I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure out what works.

Hundreds of people around the world have used the Drop Servicing Blueprint to build their own online businesses.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 1

In week number one we go through Drop Servicing Blueprint Transformation and it’s going to show you to think like an entrepreneur. We’re literally going to take the computer of your mind and show you step by step how to transform, how to get work done and show you the exact schedule to get results.

It’s gonna be like a workout program with me as your personal trainer except that it’s not just going to be a physical transformation. It’s going to be a deep long lasting psychological transformation.

We just show you everything you need to do to get strong. And we show you exactly how to transform into the future successful you with the habits, mindsets, routines, and understandings of a successful entrepreneur right now, tomorrow, and day after day. This will help you transform fast into the successful you that is going to get results.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 2

Week number two is where we go super deep into how to build your Drop Servicing business step by step with screen recordings so you know how to build it in detail the correct way. We get into what service to choose, what your offer should be, how to design everything, how to make sure people want to buy, how to build your website, everything, every detail you could possibly need to build your Drop Servicing business made easy. We’re going to show you all the tactics on how to create a very, very alluring offer. Pages that convince people when they land on the pages that this is where I want to buy.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 3

In week number three we’re going to show you how to start getting sales. You’re going to look over our shoulders as we create offers and free marketing campaigns that bring us new clients over and over and over again consistently for years from all the hidden sources nobody is sharing online.

Another reason why our students are so successful is because we show people ways to sell that nobody else online is teaching about how to sell.

This is why our students are getting higher conversions, why their businesses work easily and scale fast.

Here you get the deep insights and details of the stuff we’re doing in the background, the stuff that our community is doing, and what happens with this combination. We see so many people pick sometimes the same exact same services and they fail because they don’t understand how to build a dropservicing business in the right way, how to pick the service the right way, how to put together the offer in the right way, and how to sell the services in the right way. In week number 3 of the Drop Servicing Blueprint you get the strategies that help you get sales easy, fast, and free.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 4

Week 4 is where you’re going to learn the secret strategies and tactics we use to make high converting advertising campaigns. Most people lose a ton of money and completely fail with ads, but the Drop Servicing Blueprint makes sure you get this right the first time. Because in week four we show you how to create advertising campaigns right. As a beginner, if you’re out there running ads for the first time without a coach and a mentor and over the shoulder training, you’re walking the minefield of failure. If you’re here, it’s just right there for you. It’s ready to deploy. And we go deep into every paid advertising platform available. We teach you how to go from beginner to expert advertiser through in depth tutorials that lay out the exact strategies we used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 5

Now with week number five we’re going to show you how to actually automate your business step by step, which will allow you to work a few hours per week so you can get total freedom.  You’re going to see over the shoulder if you’re a complete beginner. How to do every single step in detail with nothing left out. We’re going to show you how simple it is to build a little business that generates $10,000 per month in the fastest and easiest way possible. And then automate every part of this business so you only need to work a few hours on it using proprietary hidden strategies deploying people and software.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Week 6

Then, with week number six you’re going to take this little business that funds your freedom and scale it to the moon. Week 1 to 6 is enough to go out there and make more than most people in the world while working a whole lot less in the easiest and fastest way possible. We give you the uber detailed step by step process to build a business that funds your freedom. In week 6 of the Drop Servicing Blueprint we share all of our strategies and tactics on how to scale your business BIG.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Bonus Week 7

You want a consistent business that works for you over your lifetime. To do this you need to really perfect everything you’ve done. The best way to do that is to compare what you’ve done to what I’ve done. That is why we make sure that people are successful over the long term by literally giving you every piece of one of my businesses. This is a business that has made over $700,000 USD at this point and still drives 6-figures automated TODAY. It took me over 5 years to figure everything out and you get it all handed to you on a silver platter. With the Drop Servicing Blueprint bonus week 7 you can copy/paste everything from my laptop to yours and make sure your business is as complete as mine so it lasts as long as mine has. You get all the templates, copy, working procedures, scripts, ads, system maps, everything you could possibly need in a dropservicing business.

And this is the stuff that can take you to some huge levels of entrepreneurship because this program is fully complete. There really is nothing else to buy after the Drop Servicing Blueprint. There is nothing else to learn when it comes to actually how to build a successful dropservicing business that funds a life of freedom. We give you everything. And so we’re gonna start building your elite skills. You want to go out there and make high six figures, multi six figures, multi five figures a month. This is how you go out there and do it. This stuff is really advanced stuff, It’s kind of secretive, so you’re just gonna have to come inside to see those things.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: 7 Day Accelerator

But we don’t just want you to know the detailed step by step process of how to build a business, we don’t just want to give you everything inside of one of these successful businesses, we also build a successful business WITH you. That’s what we do with the Drop Servicing Blueprint: 7 Day Accelerator. This is a huge bonus where we take you through the detailed step by step process of building a successful dropservicing business and getting sales within 7 days. Now this is extremely ‘Done-For-You’ as we provide templates that you simply need to copy, paste, and edit. We give you checklists which you simply need to complete in order. And we give you screen recordings of me going step-by-step, click by click, through the process of building a brand new dropservicing business and getting sales in 7 days. You get to follow along and do it with me so that if you follow the training by the end of the 7 days you’ll have built a simple little dropservicing business for yourself.

Drop Servicing Blueprint: Private Transformation Coaching

On top of all that, we want you to get started in the right direction right away and make a real, long-lasting transformation. So we are giving you a Private transformation coaching session with one of our transformational coaches.

They will look into your personal life situation and personally craft a strategy and action plan to help you achieve your goals and transform your life in the easiest and fastest way possible.

We are providing this in the Drop Servicing Blueprint because we want to really solidify your success and help you get the results you’re after!

This is the value of the Drop Servicing Blueprint.