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The Call To Adventure

This is my story and if you want to see how it all went down in picture form as well as follow my upcoming journey check the Dylan Sigley Instagram. At the beginning of 2015, I was living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Having just finished my Master’s Degree, the symbol of putting off going out into the world, I was feeling lost.

Comfortably going about my day, heading to my sales job in a call center and occasionally partying a little too much.

Everything was going fine, I felt like I knew what I wanted, on the path society had laid out for me or so it seemed. You might say Dylan Sigley, “why weren’t you happy?”

All I ever dreamed of was a stable job as a Management Consultant, or some corporate job that paid well, not that I even knew what that entailed.

Something that would allow me to travel and do what I had romanticised for so long, being a businessman. Deep down I knew that my vision was completely imaginary but I decided to remain ignorant and comfortable.

I had that dream of being my own boss and gaining my freedom, but I had no idea how to achieve that or if it was even possible.

There was nothing at the time like the Drop Servicing Blueprint course to point me in the right direction.

So I stayed in University as long as possible, in order to get the best degree possible because I thought that a degree would mean a stable career, that’s what society told me.

For the past 5 years, my entire life had been focused on Study.

I remember 2 years prior when I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree I had the choice of either taking a job as a hotel manager trainee at one of the big global chains.


Continue studying, working towards my master’s degree.

I chose the latter, convincing myself it was because I wanted an even better job offer, and needed a masters degree for that, most people can’t imagine today ‘Dylan Sigley’ procrastinating. However, at the time there were no entrepreneur courses to my knowledge like the Drop Servicing Blueprint course to provide me with that knowledge.

Because of that lack of knowledge I kept putting off my dreams to maintain my comfort. 

But deep down I think I know I wasn’t really cut out for that corporate world.

Though, here I was, just finishing my Masters Thesis on Entrepreneurial motivation by Dylan Sigley. 

Dreaming of becoming one myself but avoiding the thought because of the ambiguity and impossibility I felt towards it.

Off course, I wasn’t thinking any of this at the time!

What I was thinking was wow this is great, I’m finishing my degree, I’m going to go get a fancy job at one of the big management consulting companies.

Life is great.

The thing is that desire for something bigger, something more exciting, had definitely dug its claws in, and I didn’t even realize it until I saw the call to adventure into the world of Drop Servicing that would eventually lead me to mastering online business then producing the Drop Servicing Blueprint.

I still remember where I was and how it all went down.

It was during a period that I had been applying for as many jobs as possible, I’d never written Dylan Sigley on a document so many times.

Taking all of the little online questionnaires they put you through as if you’re some kind of fruit they can squeeze to check if you’re ripe.

But then it happened, it was all through an email… or a Facebook ad…

Refusal of the Call

One day I got home from work, exhausted, and began applying for more jobs almost hoping I would fail the tests.

Procrastination is a beautiful thing in this case though, I don’t recall the exact medium, but I got the message…

It was asking “Dylan Sigley do you want to build a little business that funds a life of freedom?”.

This was a message I had seen before…

I remember back in 2013 I first heard about this online business thing from the same guy.

It seemed too good to be true, like some kind of scam.

And I was very skeptical, to be frank, so I looked at every review I could.

On top of real student reviews, he put out enough free content for me to see that he was legit and it seemed like a lot of people had gotten results from his stuff. This would inform me in my Drop Servicing Blueprint course future.

This proof calmed my skeptical mind, so I kept watching and consuming his free content.

A friend of mine who is a website designer and I, actually built our own Drop Servicing website and planned on building a Drop Servicing business using nothing but this guy’s free content.

However, in spite of this desire to jump head first into the world of Drop Servicing with this guys Blueprint, I felt obligated to finish what I had started.

I can remember my Mother saying “Dylan Sigley don’t ruin the family name, get your Masters”.

Although I had already finished my Bachelor’s degree there was a sense of duty to my family when it came to finishing my Master’s degree.

So while I looked seriously at this course in directing my Drop Servicing dreams, looking at review after review, I knew I wouldn’t take action.

I couldn’t back out of that now, I’d already committed…

Sure I had enough cash in the account to buy this guys course at the time, and it was something I wanted badly.

I always had the sense that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and a Drop Servicing course seemed like the best option but I felt like I was being pulled back into the rat race of university life.

On the surface, I told myself that I’d simply come back and do it in the future.

The classic lie we tell ourselves to cuddle up in the womb of procrastination…

If I had to put together a Dylan Sigley review I’d say this was one of my biggest failures in putting off what would eventually be my destiny in the turning point directing me towards creation of the Drop Servicing Blueprint course after totally mastering the skill.

Dylan Sigley do you really need a Masters degree?

For the next 2 years, my life seemed grey.

I was working on a 30,000 word text called ‘Entrepreneurial Motivation and Change by Dylan Sigley’, so my days were spent in a dull white room typing away nonsense that nobody would ever read.

At least I could dream of an exciting Drop Servicing life as I interviewed real entrepreneurs or read what others studying it had written.

Maybe I’d get to be like these white bearded professors in their ivory towers reading about what other great men did to distract themselves from the call.

So as I was completing my master’s degree my feeling was closer to one of avoidance…

Avoiding the fact I would have to deal with reality after graduating.

Avoiding that post-graduation, the reality that I’d be living or working on someone else’s dreams in some cubicle was entirely empty of any meaning to me.

One day I’d just had enough…

I tried creating a blog page myself!

It was called ‘Action Taker Coaching by Dylan Sigley’ and may still be out there.

I built the word press site myself with my 0 level design abilities (it looked horrible).

I was even working on an ebook (It was dull).

But even this was completely pointless because I had no idea what I was doing.

And rather than learning slowly and improving over time I simply stopped, procrastination took control and defeated me.

So here I was in 2015, dreaming about becoming something I didn’t really think was possible.

I knew what I really wanted, and was trying… a little bit… but I felt completely hopeless.


Meeting the Mentor

Dylan Sigley on vacation

Then one day, when I got home from my sales job probably wearing a little Dylan Sigley name tag, or maybe I didn’t have one… or maybe it was when I’d finished working on a job application… I saw it again.

Another message from this guy about starting a Drop Servicing business similar to the messages I now put out there about the Drop Servicing Blueprint course.

It had been 2 years since I last saw anything.

But again he once again posted the question ‘Dylan Sigley do you want to build a business that funds a life of freedom and adventure?’.

Now that I was considering this as a possibility, and deep down knowing it was what I really wanted, I listened.

I watched all of the drop servicing content he put out over the next few months, soaked it all in.

The smart thing about it is he released a lot of concepts and actionable content that I could go out there and use, or at least logically understand it was possible.

So as he released more and more content, I felt more and more strongly about the fact this was possible.

Now that I had finished my Master’s degree, I had the little piece of paper that said Dylan Sigley Master of Commerce, and I felt released from the shackles of obligation and duty.

I could pursue what I really wanted, it terrified me, but at least I knew it was possible at this stage.

By the time he released his drop servicing course, It was set in my mind that no matter what I was buying in, I checked every review I could get my hands on and felt by looking at these reviews that drop servicing course seemed pretty legit.

He only released this drop servicing course once per year (I still don’t get why, maybe to make it seem more premium?).

So there was only one chance of getting in…

I got home from work the day of the launch and remember opening up the sales page (A web page specifically designed to ‘make you’ buy stuff).


Or maybe it was $4000… or $6000… don’t remember, but in any case, it was more than I could afford as an $18 NZD per hour worker in a call center.

Luckily, there was a payment plan option, so I could spread out the payments across 6 months…

This was an insane purchase for me to make…

But I typed in the number, date, Dylan Sigley, and security code.

I wanted this drop servicing course so badly and knew the tools I needed were behind this wall, I was willing to do anything to get behind it.


Dylan Sigley Crossing The First Threshold

Dylan Sigley walking to freedom

The drop servicing course was taught over a 3 month period which was really insanely long now that I think about it, especially in comparison to the Drop Servicing Blueprint course which is 6 weeks of highly actionable content, this one was really full of fluff and filler by comparison.

Every week, one new video is released that we had to implement.

Choosing a business idea.

Building a website.

Training a team.

All very basic training with little actionable content now that I look back on it but when I began reaching out to people officially having ‘Dylan Sigley – Creative Director‘ as my email signature, it made me feel like a real boss, which translated to taking more action as my drop servicing dream slowly became reality.

And so on… by the end of 12 weeks, I had a fully operational business ready to take on new clients.

I began making offers and implementing the few actionable points I discovered in drop servicing so I could really give myself the best chance to achieve my dreams.


Dylan Sigley In The Belly of the Whale

Dylan Sigley - New Zealand vacation

By 2016 I felt unstoppable.

My Drop Servicing business ads were running on Facebook, I had marketing set up on Google, and our outreach systems were fully operational.

We got our first drop servicing clients 2 or 3 months in, around January 2016.

I still remember walking home from work at the call center, looking at my phone, and seeing the little PayPal notification showing I’d just received $1000. 

It was and still is the greatest sale I’ve ever gotten, I remember thinking to myself, ‘Dylan Sigley you’ve really made it now’.

No matter how much your first online sale is worth, it’s always the best one.

By April I was ready to quit my day job and commit 100% to my drop servicing business.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

In May I was still spending a lot on Google Ads, and it was going ok but quite frankly I had no idea what I was doing.

I was reaching out to companies I thought could use my help, and was jumping on calls with CEOs to pitch them on our services.

Living with my Mum since April, I was working on my business all day, every day.

In June I traveled to Las Vegas to attend an event for the drop servicing course, it was amazing to meet so many people crushing it.

When I returned in July we hit our first ever $10,000 month which was a pretty cool feeling.

But I was impatient and desired real fast growth, I couldn’t wait, why should I?!?

Let’s go…

By September I was spending $500-$1000 on Facebook ads every day and getting a crazy return on my investment, I now had a 6-figure drop servicing business and was running full steam ahead.

In October, I finally achieved my first goal of getting that ticket with Dylan Sigley on it to a far away land, so I traveled to Thailand to meet up with another drop servicing business friend.

We were now a consistent and systematic 6-figure business..

I was overwhelmed by the momentum and success, I knew it was possible, my sights were now set on how possible it is, how successful I could get with drop servicing, I was looking up, wanting to climb higher and higher.

In November of 2016, we had our first minor setback, I was spending so much on advertising that our costs were skyrocketing and I was working a lot more hours than usual even though I had begun to automate. I think we actually lost money that month, but luckily the previous months were so successful that we were still highly profitable.

I felt the weight of the world pressing down on me with that first setback but it was only a minor one, by January 2017 we had bounced back bigger than ever and ready to dominate.

The Road of Trials for Dylan Sigley

The road of trials for Dylan

Although I felt like a legend, I was flying too high, I may have had all this material success, but I had a lot of work to do.

I was held back by desires and mindsets that led to my destruction.

The impatience to succeed and obsession with partying whilst still battling with procrastination was a cocktail that almost destroyed me.

In 2017, I traveled to Europe from New Zealand at the end of January, where I focused on partying in Budapest, Amsterdam, London and even in the random location of Nottingham, England… because one of my best friends lived there…

We had a lot of fun and it was amazing, but I felt that impatience to get to that next level of drop servicing financial success… I knew I wanted to create something amazing but the hedonistic partying lifestyle pulled me in pretty deep.

The procrastination of not having a real plan and just doing what I felt necessary in the moment took over… I would try and do things to get me to the next level fast. Sometimes I’d stop and work for a bit but all I achieved was a desire to go on a Bender again!

I traveled to Orlando, Florida and went to Disneyland instead of the marketing conference I was supposed to be attending.

When I moved to Krakow, all I did was party and make 0 progress in building the systems I needed to.

Our drop servicing business was bringing in new clients with ease, and my team handled the delivery of an amazing service, so I found it hard to bite the bullet and get to work because frankly everything was working perfectly fine without me. I was making more than enough in my business completely automated giving me the freedom to do what I wanted with my time.

But there was really far too much freedom going on, the lure of self-destruction through alcohol, debauchery, clubs, girls, was too much.

Here I was traveling the world, driving myself insane by feeling like I wasn’t where I wanted to be, yet I was living my dreams with a drop servicing business funding my freedom…

Pretty ironic how the freedom I gave myself by building a fully automated drop servicing business led to me being pulled by so many potential decisions created by this freedom, which really fell into two categories: Party/Adventure or Work/Success.

Never really fully doing either of these things because of the grips or procrastination.

Even though I had built something, I never really dealt with my impatience and procrastination.

It plagued me and prevented me from committing to a single course of action with monk-like focus

BUT still… I didn’t learn that lesson yet…The Dylan Sigley back then was certainly not the Dylan Sigley of today.

We eventually traveled to the party mecca of Europe, Budapest!

Going full party mode, the pendulum swung back to working the minimum few hours a week and focusing fully on partying as much as humanly possible…

It was fun, amazing, great… but I felt empty still, no real purpose, no real growth… just full pleasure mode.

Closing in on the end of this 3 months in Budapest I went back to Krakow to meet up with a girl I hadn’t stopped talking to since my first trip to Krakow.

Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 all, I did besides taking my mum on a trip to Japan was planning my execution of the strategy that would work over the long term to turn my Drop Servicing businesses into huge agencies and lead me to founding the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and community.

Building a Drop Servicing business that was both automated and low cost whilst being high quality and value driven so that clients would get the best possible results.

By the time I left for Europe again, at the end of January 2018, it was done.

I had decided I would go and carry out my goals, my strategy and tactics were sound, I was dedicated to the process.

Finally I was able to discover a few things that worked very well enabling me to build highly successful drop servicing businesses that gave me the freedom I dreamed of from the beginning.

You can take a look at my businesses in more detail on the Crunchbase Dylan Sigley profile.

The Return of The New Dylan Sigley

The return of Dylan Sigley

This is where I really started towards my path of the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and community.

Now that I had truly achieved my dream businesses I was a little bored again, luckily that inspiration returned to me. I had a few friends who saw what I was doing and wanted to do the same thing. I allowed them to review my drop servicing businesses and gave them the mentoring needed to build their own businesses.

This slowly led to the creation of content, templates, strategies, and tactics that became the drop servicing blueprint course and community which I finally released to the world end of 2019 and today is the most results getting online business course on the market based on real reviews.

Initially I had to refuse because I wasn’t ready to turn the Dylan Sigley name into a global brand. I felt like this whole industry was ridden with scam after scam and in my review didn’t deliver nearly as many results as they should.

I wanted the Drop Servicing Blueprint course to be the course I wish I had in the beginning. So in creating this product I set out to simply create what I thought would be best.

It turned out this approach would lead to my life’s work and masterpiece that I continue to work on to this day, improving it constantly and engineering it to maximize student results. I’m constantly adding new updates to the Drop Servicing Blueprint course because I still run multiple successful Drop Servicing businesses and continuously develop the latest strategies and tactics used in the real world then equip my students with those tools.

This way I know that the Drop Servicing Blueprint course will always be the most powerful course for learning Drop Servicing when it comes to results, and my students’ results speak for themselves in the flood of screenshots, testimonials, and reviews coming in.

Now I have a team around me supporting the Dylan Sigley brand, and the drop servicing blueprint course and community by Dylan Sigley is now the most successful online business course out there because of that team’s dedication to students.

Going from Dylan Sigley the broke student to the online business coach was a really crazy process but I gradually put in the work to turn the Dylan Sigley name into one associated with actually getting results for students because I used to be one of those students and I know what it likes.

So next time someone comes up to me saying “How did Dylan sigley and the drop servicing blueprint course and community become so successful” I can simply point them to this article.

Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0

After the worldwide success of the Drop Servicing Blueprint, Dylan Sigley has finally released the new version of his new course!

Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0

In the Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0, Dylan Sigley reveals the strategies and techniques that he used to go from broke student with $60,000 in debt to building multiple 6 figures Drop Servicing businesses and becoming the leader of the largest Drop Servicing community in the world.

Dylan Sigley teaches step-by step how to become wildly successful even if you have no skill, experience or knowledge.


The MOST PROFITABLE Drop Servicing Niche for Beginners

In this video, Dylan Sigley reveals the best niche for beginners so you can go out there and start your Drop Servicing business with this niche right away. The most profitable and best niche for beginners should be: Highly profitable, easy to understand and easy to sell.

Drop Servicing For Beginners (The Complete Guide)

Drop servicing involves selling high-quality services to businesses. It is similar to sub-contracting. You provide a service and outsource the labor required for that service to freelancers from countries with lower costs of living. Since you’re paying a low rate for a high-quality service, you’re able to achieve high-profit margins on your service sales.


Dylan Sigley talks about how you can live a life of freedom Drop servicing. Specifically, how to set up a drop service system that is completely automated so you can work just a few hours per week whilst travelling the world doing what you want, when you want, with who you want.