Starting A New Business And Making $6,000 In 1 Week by Dylan Sigley


Hey, guys, Dylan sigley here, we’re in Bucharest right now. Me and Kevin came here about a week ago just to start a new business together. We thought we’d try out the model, see how quickly we can get results because obviously we’re both started other businesses separately and we’ll work together on some now and again. But we wanted to actually see what we could achieve if we came to a city, sat down and just worked for a whole week on on one of these businesses to get it going. And what we were able to do we were able to do is pretty crazy, actually. We’ve got a $6000 sale and one week from getting started with the systems that we run and our normal businesses. We just give it up in one week. We got started. We got results really, really quickly and we’re seeing the results of that player over the longer term as well. So even though we got results really quickly, a six car sale, $2000 per month recurring sale and one week, we’re seeing a lot more invoices being sent out already to potential clients and the results just growing and growing and growing. So this is only the beginning, and it’s pretty crazy to see that we could do that. We were talking just before when we were having a celebratory lunch there.


It was pretty crazy that we could actually achieve this. So what we wanted to do was kind of figure out what we could achieve within that small period of time. And it was insane to realize that we could do that because we didn’t even believe that we could build a business in one week and get it to six K. I know when I started my first business, it took me three months just to get the first day of when Kevin started his. It took him one month and we were able to achieve that same level in just one week. So it’s pretty crazy. We still don’t believe that we’ve done this. And I mean, like, we didn’t think it was going to be the start. We thought it might take a month to get our first sale and we’ve got a six car sale in one week. I still can’t believe it. It still doesn’t really feel real. But from here, the process is pretty simple. What we need to do now is just kind of get to the point that we’ve automated everything. So what the stage after your first sale is? You want to start automating things kind of free your time up a little bit, get some new people, hire some people, create the systems to automate the business around it.


But what we’ve done so far is just be a one plan. We started all of our marketing campaigns, set up the website and all of the other processes that we’re going to talk about and future videos. But basically, now we’re ready to scale it to the Moon. So we’re going to be scaling really quickly and we’re going to put out a case study one day about that. We’re not sure how long it’s going to take, but I mean, we got the first six six eight six car sale in the first week. So pretty insane. I thought I’d quickly share my thoughts to figure out how I feel about that. And I’m still not really sure how I do feel about it, but we’ll kind of see over the next few weeks where we go with it. It might even be my go really fast to make really go really slow. We’re not really sure. And I know that we’re leaving Bucharest at the end of this week and Kevin’s going to Kuala Lumpur and I’m going to New Zealand, so we’re going to be separated. Maybe the magic only works when we’re together, who knows? But yeah, like literally only took one week to get to that level, and it really didn’t feel like that much work.


I mean, we were probably putting in maybe five hours a day to get there that quickly, and it happened really, really quickly for us. So yeah, I’m just kind of ranting on saying the same thing over and over again, but I’m really, really excited. I can’t believe this happened. Probably a storm is about to blow through. It’s going to be raining one of those ecstatic moments coming, coming soon. But we never really give a fuck about the camera equipment. We’re just too excited right now. We might go use that six k from the sale to buy a new camera. Who cares? Let’s just enjoy the beautiful, windy weather coming to celebrate our six k still with us. Got twigs blowing into me right now. Leaves? Who cares? It’s an awesome feeling. The first sale that you get is always the best sale. And then after that, it’s pretty boring. So I think any other sale that we do get, we’ll be pretty boring. But yeah, the awesome thing is we were able to achieve what we always say and just one week, which is why I wanted to pull this video out, show you guys that it’s possible you can do the same thing. And let me know what you think of that.