The #1 Most Profitable Business Idea To Start FREE In 2021


This article is perfect for you, whether you’re a beginner in online business or advanced. Either way, you’re going to get practical strategies and tactics here that you may not have heard before, even if you’ve seen every video on my channel.

There’s a lot of content out there about the top 8 business ideas and all they do is give you the most generic online business ideas of them all. 

In this article, I’m going to give you the most profitable business idea for 2021 as well as teach you, step-by-step, how to turn this business into a profitable one fast.

But what is Drop Servicing?

I’ll first introduce the method of drop servicing for those of you who are new to this.

The business idea is called drop servicing. Since the keyword became popular many YouTubers began making videos about it. However, they don’t actually tell you the facts about what drop servicing is. 

Drop Servicing is a method of building an online business for free. It allows you to source a high-quality team that you only pay once you have a project for them. It allows you to find high-ticket clients using free marketing methods and close deals. 

It’s very easy to start a drop servicing business and get your first sales, but what makes it really great is how profitable it is. You can make 70% profit on each sale or more, which is pretty crazy.


Say “NO” to get-rich-quick thinking

The thing people get wrong, though, is that often you’ll see people say that you get a sale and then simply pass the work off onto a freelancer. No, that is get-rich-quick thinking and, quite frankly, lazy. We’re here to build a REAL online business. 

What you’ll actually do is build the initial business and over time bring your freelancers into the fold as your inhouse team. Drop Servicing isn’t a trick where you are deceiving your team and your clients. Your clients are happy because you bring high-quality service to their doorstep. Your team is happy because you bring them a steady stream of income, and you’re happy because you make a massive profit.

Now, let’s break down, step-by-step, how you can build your drop servicing business and make money online in 2021. If you follow these steps and actually build your business, then drop servicing will be the most profitable business idea for 2021 by far for you. 


How do I find freelancers?

The #1 most profitable drop servicing business idea service and niche marketing combination is coming up. However, first, let me explain how to find freelancers to the newbies out there. 

You can go to websites like Upwork and Freelancer that have tons of services being successfully sold online. There are a lot more of them out there and those you see on these sites are the highest volume, meaning the most demand. 

Don’t be afraid of competition when choosing your service because no one competitor can handle all of the demand out there which is why it’s easy to come in and quickly make money if you follow the right process. 


Choosing your niche

Next, you’ll want to choose your niche, meaning the group of people you’re going to be selling your service to specifically. You can find very specific niches by looking at which jobs are being posted on freelancer networks for your service, looking into LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and going specifically into talks with competitors and freelancers to ask who they usually work with. 

In saying all that I’m going to give you my top pick for the best drop servicing service and niche business idea for 2021. Sales teams for Instagram coaches and influencers. Hiring salespeople is the last thing people want to do because hiring takes work and doing the sales calls themselves is by far the worst part of their businesses because it’s time-consuming and takes a lot of time for them which is why it’s a very easy sell.

So, what you can do is source salespeople on these freelancer networks. Figure out how much they charge per hour, work out some general costs for the service and set your price. Remember, you can always change it later. We just want something to test. 

Next, once you’ve created your pricing and come up with a general offer and plan for how you will deliver the service, you want to head over to Instagram. It will be the final piece of the equation for our drop servicing business. 

You’re going to search keywords related to different types of coaches, life coaches, for example. Take a look at their profile and their website and everything to get an idea of if they are making money. If they look like a good option, then you can contact them directly from their Instagram page over email, direct message, or even phone call if you want. 

Now, you’re going to want to make sure you aren’t spamming people. So, make your message unique each time you send one and don’t send more than 10 per day on the platform. Come up with ideas for what to say and test things, try things out, don’t be afraid of rejection. By testing, you’re going to figure out what works best for you. You can start with this Niche, Service, and Marketing Channel combination before expanding into other options such as Facebook Ads, cold email, Yelp outreach, and selling your services on the freelancer networks themselves, which works very well, by the way.

The great thing about this method is you can start out 100% for free, then, once you get your first sales, you can reinvest the money from those sales back into your marketing to get even more sales. Then, eventually, start automating everything with people and software to turn it into a passive income source, which all of the dogmatic grinders out there hate me saying.

The truth is, drop servicing is the easiest and most profitable business idea out there because you can start for free and the great thing about the specific niche and service combination I’m covering here of salespeople for coaches and influencers is that it’s something where there is a lot of demand, but still not much competition at all. So, if you actually take action and build this business, you’ll easily kill it.