Drop Servicing Q&A: What’s the best niche?


Drop Servicing Q&A: What’s the best niche? Blog Image

Time for another Drop Servicing Q & A. You have questions and I answer them!

Questions I answer in this video:

00:55 1. How many hours a day do I need to work on my Drop Servicing business?

01:38 2. Can I do this in X country?

02:16 3. How did you get your first client and make them a returning customer?

02:52 4. How would you prevent your freelancer from going solo with the client?

04:35 5. How much money do you keep as profit in Drop Servicing?

05:01 6. What is the best Drop Servicing idea in 2022

05:29 7. How do I learn more about my business?

06:40 8. Can Drop Servicing be a full-time income source?

07:11 9. How do we ensure our clients are happy with our service?

07:40 10. What’s the best niche?


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