Drop Servicing Q&A: How To Get Free Sales Fast


Drop Servicing Q&A: How To Get Free Sales Fast Blog Image

Drop Servicing Q&A: How To Get Free Sales Fast

Drop Servicing Questions:

1. Do I need a website to make money with Drop Servicing?

2. I tend to keep giving up on my goals or plans. What’s the best way to stay accountable?

3. How can I start a Drop Servicing business without doing any sales calls?

4. Is it important to sign contracts with your client and team?

5. I’ve seen a lot of answers on this group about how to get clients from zero, and almost everyone answers “LinkedIn,” but I don’t know how to use LinkedIn to get clients. Can someone explain it to me, please?

6. There are so many marketing strategies to choose from with Drop Servicing. In which order should I do them? 7. I’m just starting my Drop Servicing business and don’t have any portfolio work yet to show potential clients. How can I get proof that I know what I’m doing?

8. Why is your favorite part about starting an online business?

9. How can I know what my target freedom income should be?

10. I’m looking to get my first sale for free because I don’t have a job and hope to get deals as fast as possible. How can I do it?

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