The New Best Way To Make Money Online 2023


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The Matrix

Wake up. Hit snooze. Scroll instagram. Drag yourself out of bed. Make coffee. Sit in traffic. 8 hours of unfulfilling work. Sit in traffic again. Argue with your spouse. Walk the dog. Watch Netflix. Pass out. Repeat for 20 years. Retire. Go on a cruise. Die quietly. This should scare the absolute shit out of you. What I just described is the path laid out for you, before you were born. The path of a wage slave. A cog in the system building someone else’s dream. Everything you’ve been told about making money and living a good life is wrong. You’ve been told that if you study hard and get a good job everything will be fine. Don’t dream too big. Work is work. This is just how it is. Except there’s one problem. Next time you take a walk, just look at people. Almost everyone is f*cking miserable. The life plan followed by 95% of us doesn’t work. If you want to end up like this – just follow the life plan. Do what everyone else is doing. But if you want a life of freedom and adventure. A life where you actually feel alive. You need to be willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do. Now I’m gonna be talking about money in this video because without it, you aren’t free. The path of the wage slave is all you’ve got or worse. You need to earn your freedom. This is easier than you think. Luckily, the world is changing in massive ways and there are big opportunities coming through the woodwork. 

The Opportunity

Over the past few years, the world conducted the biggest remote work experiment in history. Millions of people started working from home remotely. Thousands of companies were forced to market and sell their stuff online. There was a huge tidal wave of online economic activity and because of this – it’s never been easier to start an online business that succeeds. The idea that you need to be a rat working in a cubicle died and it’s never coming back. Good. Those who cling to that world have been left behind already. The truth is – with a laptop and an internet connection, the global economy with trillions of dollars changing hands is available right in front of you. And there’s a new way to make a solid chunk of that money that’s recently emerged. You don’t need any previous skills, experience or knowledge. And I know that sounds like a get rich quick scheme but before I dive into it, have you noticed the brick wall?


It’s right in front of you. It’s in front of everyone, actually. We all have our own brick wall. And your wall is what stands between you and a great life. That brick wall in front of you has been getting bigger and stronger ever since you were a kid. Every time your parents said to you “get a stable job” one more brick was added to the wall. That time your teacher said “most businesses fail” … another brick. When your friend said “most entrepreneurs are just unemployed” … another brick. What’s crazy is that most of those bricks aren’t even yours. Other miserable wage slaves put their bricks in your wall and now it’s messing up your chances of living a great life. It’s time to knock the wall down. So, let me smash a couple of bricks for you. You can absolutely break free, earn amazing money and live life entirely on your terms. Don’t let other people who haven’t achieved the life you want, who haven’t even achieved the life they truly want, and  don’t know what they’re talking about tell you otherwise. There’s no such thing as a stable job. It’s extremely common for someone to work their ass off for years doing unfulfilling work for a company that doesn’t value them to then get dropped like a bad habit the moment things get difficult. So let that shit go right now.  Breaking free from wage slavery has never been easier. It’s almost certainly far easier than you expect. And like anything worth doing – it will take work. But if you think the path of the 9 – 5 wage slave is easier … then I’m sorry but you’ve been flat out lied to. Now to prove it to you, I’m not only gonna puff my own vape and tell you how I did it but I’m also gonna give you a bunch of examples of real people who broke out of the matrix. This is gonna help you break the wall down and see that it really is possible for you.


My Journey

Remember this. What one person can do, another person can do. I’m actually a really good example because I’m not particularly smart, I was an average student, I’m not particularly talented at anything to be honest. I come from a small cow town in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand, my family was poor, I didn’t have connections, I started from zero. So, of course I went down the safe path of going to uni, getting a job, and guess what!? I graduated with a Masters degree in $60,000 of debt and got rejection letter after rejection when applying for jobs… I started working for minimum wage in a call center and hit rock bottom financially. So I thought “f*ck it”, I’m going to find another way, I googled how to make money online, I bought the first course I found which was $5,000 for only basic information but to me it was like gold and I implemented that little information I had, then 3 months later, I made my first $1,000 online, 7 months later I was traveling the world. Since then, I’ve built multiple online businesses generating millions of dollars online, and now I teach other people how to do the same. And on that note, let’s talk about you.


My Students

I don’t care what your current situation is. Starting a successful drop-servicing business is way easier than you think. We’ve got students absolutely killing it right now who came from nothing. Some were flat out broke. If they can do it. Actually you know what, if I can do it, so can you. Trust me. And our students are people with busy full-time jobs, who are studying full time, full-time parents, people young and old, from around the world. I’m telling you this because there really are no excuses. I’ll dive into their stories later but now let’s address an elephant in the room. All the other business models you see all over YouTube.


Online Business Ideas Compared

You’ve probably come across a ton of different ways people swear is the best way to make money. It’s hard to know where to start. But let me clear up the confusion. A lot of people don’t know this, but most of the business models you see on YouTube are outdated, oversaturated or too competitive. Just look at this graph. The competition between all these business models is insane. Can you imagine jumping into a business model like Amazon FBA where you have to spend thousands of dollars on inventory just to get started. Or Dropshipping where not only your facebook ad account can get shut down randomly, you also get blocked by paypal, and worse because all your customers hate you, you get chargebacks and get banned from these platforms. Or affiliate marketing where your time is still tied to how much money you make? And because EVERYONE talks about these business models the competition is through the roof.


The New Best Way To Make Money Online

If you want to make great money online, there’s a new way to do it. One that isn’t so competitive and full of hidden costs and pitfalls. This new way is beginner friendly because it’s simple to understand. It’s easy and pretty quick to start. But the best part about the new method is it doesn’t require any start-up costs. At all. We start for free. Not only that, it doesn’t require any special prior skills, knowledge, or experience. And it separates your income from your time because we follow a system that once set up becomes pretty automatic. And the reason it works so well is it leverages brand new platforms that practically nobody knows about. It also leverages the transformation happening in the economy that I mentioned at the start of this video.


So I want to go deep with this and show you everything you need to know to get started and make your first $10,000 online, so I’ve put together a 2 hour very detailed free training session that you can attend by clicking the link in the description below this video. I’m diving deep into this new method so you know exactly what you need to know to get started asap.


And when you click the link below this video and attend the free training right now I’m also giving you two free bonuses that we’ve never given out for free before. But you can get them just by clicking the link, attending the free training to the end, and you’ll get these bonuses emailed to you soon after. This includes a template that we’ve used to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales across our businesses and a tutorial video showing you precisely how to use this template to get your first sales.


And listen, I can’t promise you the exact same results my students and I get because I don’t know you yet, right? It’s up to you to take action. But what I will say is – I’ll show you exactly how my students and I get these results, then you can do with that information what you like. This stuff is gonna blow your mind and I’m excited to share it with you so I’ll see you on the training.



And look, you still might be skeptical. And I’m glad because that means you aren’t a sheep. You shouldn’t listen to a random guy yelling at you on Youtube. So don’t just listen to me, the cold hard results speak for themselves. You can see inside a live PayPal account of one of these businesses and look at the numbers. These are the types of results my students and I achieve and we’re going to show you how we achieve them in the training. And something I need to say. If people selling stuff bothers you, you definitely shouldn’t start a business or be running a business anyway. So if you’re skeptical that’s fine. Maybe you’re thinking “this is a scam” “you’re trying to sell me something” but look, we are giving you real strategies and templates you can take and do what you want with in the training, they’re just as free as the youtube videos you’re watching except they actually get sales like these you’re seeing on screen. So honestly – what have you got to lose? It doesn’t cost you anything so why not check it out and try them out. Then after if you wanna join us you can, if you don’t it’s fine, but you should at least take the free information I’ve developed over the past 8 plus years doing this. The stuff I share in the training has helped me generate millions of dollars online and helped hundreds around the world build real online businesses, quit their jobs and live a life of freedom. I want you to break free from wage slavery. But only you can do that. I’m not going to force you. In the description below this video is a completely 100% free, 2 hour training showing you exactly how we make money online with drop servicing. Click the link in the description to sign up now and I’ll see you on the other side.


Benefits without the things you hate

Because listen, If you asked my students – they would tell you what I told them when they first started. It’s easier than you think. You can quickly build a real online business without any special prior skills, knowledge, or experience. And, the best part is, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. My students are doing it without selling anything themselves, without delivering anything themselves, with no tech skills, no hard costs, no inventory, no employees. Just a computer and an internet connection. That’s why it’s easy to take advantage of this new opportunity nobody knows about yet, with very little competition. All these people did was bite the bullet and attended this training. They applied the 3 simple steps I teach and built a real online business with them. So, what have you got to lose? It’s completely free to attend. You’re going to get what all of these people got. The same strategies I use in my businesses today.