How To Make Money Online Top 5 Ways 2019

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How to make money online: the top five ways:

By the end of this video, you should understand these top five ways and be able to go and implement them yourself.

Comment below if you don’t understand any of one of them well enough to go, and implement them yourself, and I’ll reply, and let you know how to.

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Amazon FBA and Shopify

The first way to make money online right now is with Amazon FBA, and Shopify.

A lot of people are getting into these two strategies right now, and it is blowing up quite a lot.

Essentially, you use Nike’s strategy.

Nike, when they first started, were importing shoes from Japan to the United States.

That’s what we’re doing now except from China.

We can import goods from China for $1 via Alibaba to the United States and sell them for $20 with our own branding on them, obviously of high quality and we make sure that the product’s are what people want.

So what we’re able to do is buy in bulk so then we can sell at good prices to other people that are much better prices than they would get in the States at local stores, at the same level of quality and that’s what makes Ecomm so awesome, FBA, and also Shopify so awesome.

Those two different methods are really great and if you want to learn more about them, there’s heaps of YouTube content on how to do them specifically so jump onto YouTube, search FBA, Amazon FBA, or Shopify and you’ll come up with some great strategies.

Essentially what you need to do is some research on good products, looking at what’s working well and what has low enough competition, then going onto Alibaba, sourcing those products and shipping them and selling them via a store that you build online which can be done very easily with Shopify and it is also more easier and cheaper with Amazon FBA.

Facebook or Google Marketing Management

The next strategy I have for you is marketing management on Facebook or Google.

Facebook and Google Ads make up the majority of ad spend online right now and the majority of companies out there still aren’t online as well.

It is a massive opportunity for us to go out there and sell these products and services to these companies that aren’t using Facebook, that aren’t using Google AdWords, especially if they’re not using them effectively and it’s very easy to learn how to use them effectively, it just takes a bit of time.

So a lot of these business owners don’t have the time to put into learning them effectively, so that’s where you come in.

You go in there, you learn how to do Facebook ads like in this in depth tutorial, you learn how to do Google ads, take a tutorial on that, we’ll put some out soon for you, otherwise there’s a ton of them on YouTube, which you can search right now but all you do is you reach out on social media, on LinkedIn, via email, give them a cold call, you can sell these services to these companies very well and give them great results as well which is very important at the end of the day.

You can get companies on $1,000 a month, $2,000 a month, $3,000 a month depending on their budget and get them much better results based on what they’re paying you because what they’re paying is nothing compared to the results you can get them if you learn how to do it properly and you can learn how to do it properly pretty easily with all of the tutorials that are already out there on YouTube.

So search away, create the strategy for yourself on running these ads and then sell those services to these companies by calling the, emailing them and also reaching out on social media. That’s an easy strategy to implement tomorrow.

​Air BnB Business

Now, here’s one that you might not know too much about right now, Airbnb.

What you can do is actually rent an apartment for example in an area that gets a lot of traffic or a lot of tourists, you can put that apartment on Airbnb, put one of the rooms even in your own house on Airbnb, obviously talk to your landlord first about it, which they’re normally totally fine with it if you do it in the right way.

You can find the right way just by searching on YouTube just like all of the other methods in this video, but essentially you list one of the rooms in your apartment, or the house that you rent, on Airbnb.

On Airbnb you’ll get a lot of traffic, or a lot of people if you are in a high traffic, high tourist area, coming to stay there in that Airbnb.

You can get rid of all of your accommodation costs.

Accommodation costs make up a lot of what we spend our money on, so if you can get rid of those costs through Airbnb, you’re going to make a lot of your money back at least, or make a lot of money.

I have a friend that’s doing this as well, he figured out that accommodation costs, rent costs are what people spend the most money on then he was like, “Well Airbnb, I can put a room on Airbnb and make a lot of my money back.”

He did it and he got results within one month, he no longer had to pay any rent because of this strategy.

So if you choose this strategy, you can find some courses on this strategy online but it’s very easy to implement.

Talk to your landlord if you don’t want to be dodgy, it’s a good idea to do that and let me know how you go with that in the comments below.

If you’ve ever heard of this strategy or tried this strategy, comment below yes or no, just curious.

Digital Services

Number four is digital services.

Because we have access to a large worker pool with this thing over here called a laptop and the internet, we can find highly skilled workers in countries like India, the Philippines, Lithuania, Russia, wherever it may be, that can do the job just as well as a worker in the United States, in Australia, New Zealand, in the UK or Europe, but for a much lower price, just because of the economics involved.

What you can do is hire this people using Upwork or and make sure that they are of a high quality before you build the team but once you build a team of high quality workers in other countries, you’re going to provide these services at much lower prices than your competitors in your home country who have fancy offices and fancy studios where they’re selling these services.

You can provide the same level of quality for a much lower price and still make a good enough profit for yourself to build an online business that brings you a lot of income.

I’ve done this myself in the past, I have a team that’s very high quality, we do the best work in the industry at the best price now and it took me only two years to get to that point. You can do the same.

You can sell graphics, translation, videos, CVs, curriculum vitaes, surveys, there’s all kinds of things you can sell just go on Upwork and Freelancer, do some research, do some competitive research on Google, and see what other companies are doing to sell, backwards engineer their website, backwards engineer their marketing using tools that you can find online just by doing a simple Google search.

Obviously don’t copy anyone, obviously make sure your team’s high quality and that you’re really good at what you do before you sell to people but once you are, you can sell to people very easily with this method just because of the economics of the situation.

​Affiliate Marketing

Finally, the fifth way to make money online, the fifth best way, is with AdSense or affiliates. So affiliate marketing is essentially selling other people’s products for them through your own audience that you build.

You can build this audience with Facebook, with LinkedIn, with YouTube, with podcasts, whatever it may be, but if you have an audience, if you’re an influencer, you’re going to be of value to these massive brands, or even just smaller brands that want to sell their products via you.

So one way to do it is obviously become an influencer, I’m not too well-versed on that, do some YouTubing around to figure out the best strategy on that way. To become an affiliate, all you need to do is apply to these different company’s affiliate programs, LeadFuze for example, has a really great affiliate program, where you can get 25%, 50%, you can go on Commission Junction, you can try ClickBank, there’s so many affiliate networks out there that you can join in affiliate forums.

If you get into this deep and you start doing your research and find good products and build an audience, you can start making a lot of money with affiliate marketing without having to deliver the product yourself, which means that the profit margins are really, really big. Of course it’s just about getting going with traffic first, you have to have traffic to be able to sell. Back in the day, it was all about blogging and getting AdSense set up on the website. These days, it’s more about YouTube and viral videos and LinkedIn and posting a lot, essentially.

You can also do calls, for example. Commission Junction is really great. If you’re good on the phone, you can make money today by signing up on Commission Junction and starting to sell some of their affiliate programs, get 15%, 25%, crazy commissions, check out these networks and you’ll make a lot of money. Obviously check out our video on how to create viral video content, that’ll help a lot in this instance. Those are the top five ways to make money online based on my research, my experience and my friends and what they’re doing.

So go and implement some of those strategies, implement one of them, hopefully and get some results with that, comment below and let me know how things go for you, if you have any questions around that stuff and of course, if you like this kind of marketing stuff, if you’re interested in learning more about this stuff, hit the link below and I’ll talk to you soon.