How To Get Clients WITHOUT Spending Money Or Cold Calling


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How To Get Your First Clients FREE….

Have you ever wondered how to get clients without spending money? What’s up? Dylan Sigley here, and in today’s video we’re going to go into a strategy that has the highest ROI of any other approach I’ve ever tried. And it’s the strategy that first used when getting my very first agency clients years ago now but I’m still using it to this day just because it’s the most effective and the cheapest, to be honest when it comes to any marketing channel I’ve used. It’s called cold e-mail, and it’s essentially sending an email to someone offering a service or product to market. Now as a disclaimer I’m not a legal professional so you should consult one before using a strategy. Because I don’t know the laws and your location but where I use it is entirely legal as long as you follow specific rules and regulations which I have taken into this video, but hey look I’m not a professional wearing a funny T-shirt at a stupid desk. So make sure you do consult your lawyers. I’m sure you have plenty of those lying around for you start using this or at least do some research into it because I can I’m not a legal professional. Let’s get into the video, it’s, and I look forward to getting your first results with this strategy. Hope you got music tomorrow as long as you have yourself a constructive. If you’ve already used cold email before I want you to comment below what results you’ve gotten from it or any outreach that you’ve used. Just curious what everyone else is doing. And don’t forget to subscribe and notification bell so that when I release more marketing strategies tactics and stories, you’ll get notified.

Once you understand the laws and the rules and regulations around called email in your country, you can follow those and start sending them out today. But let’s focus on how you’re going to build your list what you want to do first is create a list of 50 to 100 people to reach out to. And don’t forget this is all assuming you already have an offline construct. I know a lot of people that started their online businesses just by calling and sending emails before you even had a Web site and got terrific results. So it is possible by Derek I mean at least having some offer constructed and understanding a product a market of course. Before you jump right in and do this but assuming you have everything set up and ready to go and you want to start doing your marketing side of things. This is how to do the first person using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We can find potential clients that meet our target market specifications using snow video or find a lead or lead fuse for hiring assistants do it for you and up or freelance so you can get a mask pretty quickly. Just be careful with freelancers to make sure that they are doing everything legally without doing anything shady to gather emails assuming everything’s all legal in terms of how you’re building your lists through that Lee lead fuse Nova and many others out there then you’re good to go. But the first thing you want to do is build that list 50 to 100 people in your target market.

Next, once you’ve got everything set off in terms of having a list ready to reach out to people you need some email copy. So what I’ve done is included a template that works well for me that I no longer use and that description below. That’s video so you can use that to model your own. I use the structure. Don’t use the exact words because so pretty obvious just taken it from me because I’ve seen so many of these emails. Make sure you model off their team play to will help. So now you have the list of people who have the team play you’re going to send out to them, and after that, all you need to do is sit down and stop sending emails. It should take around two hours to see 100 emails. So open up your Gmail or Hotmail and if you have a business domain that’s even better set up with sweet start sending out the saying Dubos 100 and see what kind of responses you get, once you’ve made this comment below with what kind of reactions you’ve had. And don’t forget you could use late fees I think to get 25 free leads and find that lead to get another 25 50 free points. All of these services offering points often have free leads so you can put your list of 100 leads just using all of the free services trying them all out and putting together the list entirely for free. So get a free, and you’re only using an email to send out a template that you’ve built around my successful team play.

Well if you got to lose. Just start singing them out as long as you’re following the laws and regulations in your current area you’re good to go. Well, your goal here is to get them on a call from this email once they have a reply to your offer. So once they’re ready to jump on a call with you or you need to set up a call. Are we putting out a video pretty soon about how to run one of these calls and I’ll talk to you soon about that? That’s all you need to know how to get started — just going to be sending out these emails to the list you built from the services I mentioned. Got a play it for you to go you need to jump in there and start taking action. Remember you’re doing to have a product or service to offer to use the strategy. But it does work very well for me. My cost per sale with this is about 100 dollars, and my average order value is a thousand dollars. So it’s a pretty massive difference, and I hope it works great for you. I hope you liked the video.