#1 Success Secret To Make Money Online (-$60k to $4M)


#1 Success Secret To Make Money Online (-$60k to $4M) Blog Image

This is my story! In this video, I’m going to break down exactly how I went from being in $62,000 of DEBT to generating over $3,500,000 online. 


But keep in mind I come from a small cow town in New Zealand, my family was poor, I went to a low-quality school, and I had to work multiple minimum wage jobs since I was 13 years old. 


I even remember getting put down into a class for low-intelligence kids. So I definitely didn’t have brains and money working for me to get where I am today, where I have businesses generating millions of dollars online, I can buy the things I want, I can do whatever I want, and frankly, at this point, I could choose never to work ever again if I wanted. 


But my goal in this video is to give you that one thing, that one moment that transformed me from point A to point B because I truly believe that transformation is what led to all of the success I have today. 


So you’re going to walk away with that number 1 thing that’s going to impact your life in hopefully a similar way to mine if you give yourself a few minutes to watch all the way until the end of this video.


Now, you might be asking yourself right now how I got into $62,000 of debt. 


Well, I did manage to escape that small cow town when, at age 18, I moved to the big city of Wellington, New Zealand to study business. I thought going the corporate path was the right way to go if I wanted to get out of being poor and not being able to afford anything. I needed to work long hours in a cubicle pushing papers. 


Now, did I mention I was poor? 


So I had to take out a $62,000 student loan to be able to pay for my degree. So after finishing university, I was in $62,000 of crippling debt. I started applying for jobs and got rejection letter after rejection letter because I wasn’t exactly the smartest person in my class. At this point, I felt pretty hopeless. I was in $62,000 of debt with a useless degree that I couldn’t find a job with, so I ended up working part-time in a call center for a lot longer than I had planned on, getting yelled at by a boss who I’m pretty sure was addicted to cocaine. 


I’ve got to tell you, this was definitely one of the lowest points in my life at that point. I was 22 years old, which in today’s age where you must become a billionaire at 16 years old, or you’re a complete failure, is pretty ancient!


So one day, my boss yelled at me for the last time. I snapped. I had to find a way out of this hole. I went and searched ‘how to make money online’, and long story short, I found a very expensive $5,000 course and put it on my credit card. 


Keep in mind this was a very stupid thing to do, my net worth at the time was already negative $62,000, and I was barely making enough at my job to handle my expenses ok, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone do something like that. 


But this was the last straw for me. I was committed to making something happen. So I implemented that course, built my website, found suppliers, and built everything in about two months. Then I launched my marketing, and one month later, I got my very first $1,000 sale… It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. The greatest sale I got to this day.


From there, I quickly scaled that business to the point I was making $10,000 per month consistently, I quit my job in the call center to focus fully on the business, and one year later, I said goodbye to my old life and began traveling the world full time with a fully automated business. 



What happened? The success point!

I went from years of being a broke student to hitting my goals pretty quickly because I figured out the success point and how to hit it. Once I figured it out, our students started getting results way faster than I did, and repeatedly.


The biggest breakthrough

Who you are, controls everything – your beliefs, decisions, actions, and success, really think about this…

Look at me, working in the call center, making like $22,000 a year, below minimum wage. This was me. And my beliefs were I had no discipline, no willpower, no motivation, and no faith in myself. No belief that I could build a business. I thought business was like gambling. I thought you had to be special to be successful. I thought success was not likely for me. And I hung out mostly with losers and drunks, and I had no confidence in my model. I saw a few people out there building a business, but I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve that.


And because of those beliefs, here are the actions and decisions I made. I was easily distracted. I had poor work habits. I never bet on myself. I was extremely skeptical and halfway out of my business at all times. I didn’t invest in my business or myself. I didn’t go all in. I looked at bad sources on how the world worked, like those drunks I was hanging out with. And I simply would not invest in myself even though I knew it could work. 


What happened as a result? Zero change! The person I was kept me where I was because that was the person making the decisions. This guy right here, who I was.  Who you are today is the person making the decisions. And what happens as a result? Decisions. The real result of the decisions that this guy was making meant zero change from age 20 to 23 for me. No real results. 


I hit my emotional breaking point

And this is what changed for me! The whole point of this is so you don’t have to hit this point, but I hit an extreme emotional breaking point. There was a point where I was working in the call center going about my job when some guy yelled at me for taking too many bathroom breaks, and I can’t tell you how weird it was to be a 22-year-old-being chastised by a 50-year-old guy working as a supervisor in a call center.


It had nothing to do with how good at my job I was, I was productive, but I just thought I cannot do this for the next 30, or 40 years of my life. Something had to change. I hit my breaking point. I thought, Yep! I’m not spending the next 30, 40 years of my life like this, and I was in massive pain and sadness, but it wasn’t so much the call center.


It’s a good job to develop your communication skills, but it was the people I worked with a very toxic, throw-people-under-the-bus work environment. Some were nice, but most of them were really nasty people, and I had to get out of there. I was in extreme fear and pain. Then suddenly, overnight, I’d had enough.


I transformed overnight

This was the breaking point that instantly changed me because that person could no longer survive, they had to die, and I had to turn into a completely different person at all costs.


Dylan 2.0

I became Dylan 2.0… the person capable of making the right decisions because I had the right beliefs.


My new beliefs

I had the extreme discipline and focus to win at all costs and fully count on myself. I believe success is going to happen for me just like millions of people before me. Enough wasting time I’m just going to focus on working on my business and if I do that, I’ll get results. Success will happen if I just educate myself and do the work, and if I listen to successful people, then the business I’m working on that has worked for so many will work for me too. Those became my new beliefs… Do you see the night and day belief change? 


The success point switch happened BEFORE making money or achieving results. My beliefs and the person making decisions changed instantly. 


My decisions, actions, and results changed

And as a result of these new beliefs, my actions changed, and guess what? So did my results. Nothing distracted me from focusing on my business. I would always bet on myself. It’s the best bet in the world. I just went all in on my business with whatever extra time and money I had. basically nothing. And I only listened to successful people and I just focused on my model and that’s it. I knew it would work, period. What was the result? I achieved my first 10,000 dollar month a few months in, and from there my business went from 5 figures, to 6 figures. How?


Why I failed

Because the old me was stuck in the wrong beliefs and only capable of where I was, which is why most people fail and why the person you are is stuck right now. Suppose you remain that person with those same beliefs and values. Guess what? You’re gonna stay where you are because you’ve got what you’re capable of getting.


But who I became and who you must become is the only person capable of getting you success. A successful person naturally has the beliefs and takes the right actions to succeed. It has nothing to do with how much money you’re making right now and everything to do with who you are. I was initially in $62,000 of debt, making minimum wage.


The #1 reason why people fail

If the person you are right now doesn’t wanna be in the game and doesn’t believe you can win the game, then this is a person who will never win any game, period. That’s the number one reason people fail in building a business because think about it. Have you ever seen a person like that achieve success? Approaching your business and life without the belief you can succeed means you won’t take the actions that would make you successful. That’s a cold hard fact.


Who do you want to be in 2 years?

And so right now, you really need to think about who you want to be in two years from now. Picture the person who has achieved all the financial and material success you want.


What type of house do you live in? What type of car do you drive? How much free time do you have in life? How much do you work? How much do you spend time playing? What do you do for fun with your extra free time? How much money do you make? What does your business look like? How do you dress? How do people view you?


Think about that really hard and have a vision in your head. It doesn’t need to be super exact, but once you’ve done this exercise a lot, you can get super exact and that’s how you get closer and closer to it, but think about your vision overall right now. And comment on that vision below this video.


WHO you are, defines WHAT you have

Now, you need to realize one thing about everything I just talked about. 

  • WHO you are is defined by your beliefs.
  • WHAT you have is the result of those beliefs.
  • WHAT you have doesn’t define WHO you are.
  • WHO you are is getting the results.
  • It means that WHO you are, defines WHAT you have.


Elon Musk is Elon Musk because of his beliefs, decisions & actions

Elon Musk isn’t Elon Musk because he has a Rocket Ship. Elon Musk is Elon Musk because of his attitude and, who he is, his action-taking mentality. Because he believes in himself so much that he is willing to risk it all, he knows that he will succeed. He bets on himself and never gives up. As a result, he is changing the world and sending rocket ships into space.


Beyonce is Beyonce because of her mindset

Beyonce isn’t Beyonce because she has a lot of cool houses and a private jet. It’s because she has the mindset of a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. It’s because of who the person is. As a result of her beliefs, decisions and actions, she has cool stuff like a private jet. All these things that you envision for yourself is an outcome of who you are.


You must become that person today

So you have to become that person today. And now, knowing that, I want you to think about that person you just viewed yourself as becoming.


This is the person you must be right now

The problem is you need to be this person right now to be successful. It has nothing to do with your current financial or personal situation or anything tangible. You simply must decide to be that person today if you want to get any success. 

#1 Key: Start being the person capable of success.

The key is you’ll never get success remaining like you are now because “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” I remained the ‘old unsuccessful me’, procrastinating for two years before finally deciding to become the person capable of making the successful me decisions that allowed me to build my dream business and achieve freedom. Two years of pain could’ve been avoided by making the decision sooner.


You must always keep this key in your mind. Who you are now will get you more of what you have now. Achieving your dream life, relationships, money, fulfillment, whatever, requires envisioning who the person is that has what you want and bringing them now by making the decisions they would make without wasting any more white blocks because you’re not going to gradually become them, trust me. I thought that, and it took me years before realizing it.


You might not have the skills, results, or money coming in now. But you need to become the person capable of that success before it can happen. The key is realizing you already ARE that person. You just need to start being that person, making the decisions they would make instead of the decisions you’ve been making. Because let’s be honest, you already know the correct choices, right? You know to go to the gym instead of eating pizza. You know to work on the project instead of watching Netflix. 


Decision series

The decisions this person here was making wouldn’t get results. Because they kept making bad decisions and falling back to the initial situation, but once they decided and became the person they wanted to be, they adopted the correct beliefs and started taking the right actions. By making the right decisions, they achieved success, and that’s the number 1 lesson I want you to take from my story.


That’s the reason I was able to go from $62,000 of debt to generating $3,500,000 online fairly quickly. I simply had a success point where I adopted the beliefs of a successful person, which means I started taking the actions of a successful person and got the results of a successful person. We all have that capacity within us. We just need to make the right decisions to take us in the right direction.