Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners (2019) – Become An Expert In One Video!

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Do you want to learn how to use Facebook advertising to get sales systematically for your business?

In this post, we will be having Facebook Ads tutorial as I’m going to break down step by step how you can set up your first ad account and campaign for optimal results. I’m also going to share with you the exact strategy I used to turn $50,000 into one $150,000 dollars, on my first three months of Facebook advertising, that’s a 300% ROI!. I did that back in 2016, but it’s still doable today in 2019, with the same strategy still working very well. Also, I did make mistakes when I was implementing this strategy, so I’m going to share with you the mistakes I made that probably cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars so you can avoid those too and maximize your ROI even better than the campaign strategy I’m about to share with you. If you implement the plan, I’m about to reveal to you, nothing is holding you back in your Facebook advertising.

Grab a pen and paper and make it to the end  of this article so you can learn:

  • Precisely how to set up your Facebook account .
  • How to set up your first Facebook campaign.
  • The exact strategy I used to get a 300% return on my investment with my first Facebook campaign.
  • What you should do in the first three months to maximize your return on investment from Facebook, beyond that strategy.

So let’s get into it!

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What is Facebook?

Well with 1.32 billion daily active users Facebook is the largest social media platform out there right now.

Even though there are so many up and comers trying to beat Facebook at this point, it’s pretty impossible.

Facebook is just too big and what that means for us is most of our target market is on Facebook.

So it’s the perfect platform for us to target with our advertising campaigns.

Right now, 79% of Americans use Facebook every single day, and 32% use Instagram which is also owned by Facebook.

This means, when we’re talking about Facebook ads, we’re also talking about Instagram.

For us, this means it’s the best platform for us to be on right now no matter what business we’re in B2B, B2C, products, information, services, whatever it may be.

Not just because it’s the most significant platform, but it’s also the most sophisticated platform out there.

Facebook is continuously gathering data on all of its platform users around the clicks engagements views everything that anyone is doing on Facebook is being tracked.

That great thing about that is, we can use that information to target our ads very specifically, to get the highest conversion rate possible.

So Facebook is the most powerful ad platform out there right now second to none.

Nothing beats it, even Google AdWords can’t compete with Facebook Ads in terms of its algorithms ability to show ads right then and there.

Who needs it. Let me explain.

The way Facebook Ads works is it literally tracks every single action that’s taken on this platform by every individual user and then uses those interests, demographics, and behaviors to build a profile of every user in the platform.

This gives advertisers the ability to advertise very specifically to their target market based on those three categories on Facebook.

So it’s taking all of the data possible putting it together and allowing us to target our ads to our ideal target audience every single time.

Not only does it allow us to set that up on our end when we create an ad-set or audience to target.

It also has a very powerful algorithm that shows our ads to the people it thinks would engage with it the best.

Based on the past performance of your account and past people that the ad has been shown to.

So there are two levels of optimization here, and that’s really what makes it the most powerful advertising platform out there right now.

That’s why you need to be on Facebook and use Facebook Ads.

You can reach the majority of the population on Facebook and because of its targeting options it’s second to none.

But beyond that right now Facebook Ads is under-priced.

The large brands out there are still pouring advertising dollars into radio, print, and television.

They’re not focusing too much on the digital channels right now in comparison to what they will be in the future once they see the ROI.

So there’s a massive opportunity for us as small to medium-sized business owners to advertise on Facebook at a much lower CPM than would be in the past before we had this opportunity.

That’s why you need to get in there right now before this opportunity disappears

It’s going to get harder and harder over the next few years with CPMs skyrocketing and the cost of advertising on Facebook exploding.

Right now it’s still an excellent opportunity to jump in and start advertising because if you start today, you only need to start with $5 per day.

You don’t you have a crazy budget, so you need to spend what you can afford to lose in the beginning because in the long run you’re going to get great success with the strategy we’re going to reveal to you.

But what you need to know right now is Facebook Ads is just the best platform to be advertising on, It’s the most significant platform, and right now it’s very underpriced, but it won’t be for long.

So make sure you jump in now!

Facebook Ads is also very easily scalable, you can start with $5 per day, and you could scale it up to $1000 tomorrow.

So focus on the approach we share in the video at the top of this post, but those are all of the reasons you need to be on Facebook right now.

I hope that clarifies things for you and explains some of the hyp
e out there because the hype is warranted.

Facebook Ads is amazing.

Now jump into the screen sharing tutorial at the top of this post to show you how to set up your Facebook account and your first campaign.


See video for the screen share tutorial – transcript below:

In this part of the video, we’re going to step by step on how to set up a Facebook ads account and also your very first campaign.

And as we go through it, I will be talking about some more advanced topics, but these are things you can think about later.

Right now I only want you to focus on the steps you need to go through to get your campaign first set up. So, first of all, we need to create our business account.

You’re probably already logged into Facebook. In that case, you can create an account then you’re going to need your business name there.

So I think I’ll call this one of Dylan’s businesses.

Business email address.

I mean just your typical step by step process going about typing out everything.

And once you’ve typed in all of your information up here, you’re going to want to check whether you’re promoting your goods and services or whether you’re an agency providing Facebook ad management or ad campaigns to other businesses.

So we’re promoting our products and services in this case.

So submit gray, so you get this little notification box set or say your company has been created.

The confirmation will be sent to the email address. So of course head there and confirm it. So what you can do later is create your ad account create your own Facebook page and then you can add people that you want to manage your business page and business account as well.These are things that we’ll cover in another video but you can easily google or youtube search those, and you’ll quickly figure it out.

Once you heard one of these, that’s going to ask you which one you want to add and then you type it in and page and add straight to your account.

So once we land on this page where we’re going to want to add our add account. So we can help create an account. We want to create a new one — Dylan’s. Mind and you want to select the currency that you wish to play with. So of course once again you want to put down whether you’re an agency offering Facebook advertising to other businesses or clients or you want to run for your own business.

In this case, we want to run it for our own business.

So, of course, you want to, first of all, assign all of the permissions of the account.

So manager the kind of the top level to yourself and you can head a sign. Well done.

Now we’ll trade out account. So you can also add people that you want to manage your account and you can add your page of the Facebook page which you should create before adding it.Because once you add it’s going to ask you to add page and then this here.

They can also add a page, and then you can create your page as well.

We’ll skip over that right now.

It’s pretty simple.

We might go into that in another video.

But let’s focus right now on setting up our ad accounts. So we’re going to head over to ads manager. And then of course if you want you can read through all of this fascinating information well you can accept yours. Clothes. Now we’re going to go into how to set up your very first Facebook campaign.

And I’m going to use in this video go through every single piece of the attack and breakdown see what I’m thinking when I’m setting everything up so that when you’re setting up your first campaign, you can imagine the same way. What I want you to do before you create your very first ad account is set up your pixel so the pixel is primarily the piece of code they’re going to put onto a Web site that will track every single person that visits your Web site and every single action that they take.

So you can get that done at Facebook and allow them to show you ads to the people who are most likely to take those actions as well.Setting up your pixel is a crucial step he should do before going ahead and creating your campaign and wasting money.

That’s what we’ll do is we’ll hit over two pixels. So you see here how has custom conversions you can set up these conversions yourself using your specifications of specific actions that people take on your Web site. You can also use

Facebook predetermined actions as well and just put the pages where conversions take place. So for example, if someone fills out a form on your Web site that redirected to a thank, you page you would use that. Thank you page to track the people that fill out that form.

So what we’re going to do now is create a pixel. And you’re going to want to put in the Web site your all the pixels for this is optional so we’ll leave it blank for now he’d create. Now, all we need do is install some code. What I recommend is you get your developer to install the system for you.

In this case, you can email this and those instructions to them, or you can hit the manual install code yourself a button, and that will allow you to do it yourself which I don’t recommend this here but steadily with this kind of thing.So first you’re going to want to add this code to a hitter of your Web site so you can copy this click here and then add two Web sites here.

And this way you can seen test traffic to the URL at the pixel to make sure the pixel is set up correctly. So what you’ll do is you’ll put in your you are all here seen test traffic, and then you could go. But that’s pretty merely how you’re going to speed up the pixel you’re going to either set it up yourself have your developers set it up and then seen the test traffic to just test whether it’s working which is essential of course.

And what I recommend doing is creating some custom conversions once you’ve done so like I mentioned if someone fills out a form and then they’re redirected to a particular page you can use that page as the valley. So, for example, you might want to call this lead and then we can put them down as lead here. This is the value meaning how much of the lead is worth.

So if you know your average lead value, you can put that here. So this is for an offline ending as the default, or we want an online event. So her Web site of it and then you can put down contains and let’s say that the URL for that form is thank you.

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