EVERY Business Idea That Will Pay You DAILY ($23,500/month)


EVERY Business Idea That Will Pay You DAILY ($23,500/month) Blog Image

In this article, I will give you five business ideas that you can start for free immediately to start generating a solid income faster than you ever thought possible. Now, on this list, I ensured that these ideas have high-income potential with low start-up costs and are easy to learn. There’s not much to dislike about any of these business ideas.


All of them work, so there will definitely be something on this list for you. I’m giving you examples of real people earning money with each business idea to prove that these business ideas have the potential for massive profit. So whether you want to travel the world working from your laptop or transition to the lifestyle of being your own boss – you need to watch this through to the end because the next business idea that will change your life might be in this article. Let’s dive right in with the easiest business on the list. 


Idea #5 – YouTube Scriptwriting


This is a business idea that’s exploded in the last few years. Becoming a YouTube scriptwriter is all about crafting scripts for videos for YouTubers to create. A script is the backbone of their content, so many YouTubers are willing to pay for a good script writer. If you choose to go down this route, you’ll mainly be doing things like researching the topic thoroughly, writing the script, making sure it’s engaging, and collaborating with the YouTuber to match their style and tone. Being a scriptwriter can be a good option for a few reasons. You get to let your creative juices flow, you can often work on your own schedule if you’re freelancing, and you’ll probably become an expert in many different topics. 


Now, talking about cash, how much you make depends on your experience, the YouTuber’s popularity, and how much you can negotiate. Some writers charge per script, but others charge per word or 100 words, so it’s really up to you. I suggest starting at around 5 or 6 cents per word and working your way up as you gain more experience. Eventually, you’ll be able to command much higher rates. This is what George Blackman did. He started out writing for Ali Abdaal for $350 per script but now charges a maximum of about $1,500. He mentioned that he earns around $5,000 per month, but I’m sure he could make more if he really wanted to. 


So, if you’re down to give this a shot, here’s what you can do to get started: Improve your writing skills with practice. Get to know what works on YouTube by checking out successful YouTubers and their styles. Create a portfolio with sample scripts to show off what you can do. Connect with YouTubers online and build a network. Reach out to them, pitch your script-writing skills, and explain how you can level up their content. Cold emails all the way. Keep learning about YouTube trends and scriptwriting techniques to stay current, and you’ll be off to the races. With YouTube script writing, you could make $5,000 per month, so This gets a solid 5/10 because there are better ideas on this list. 


Idea #4 – Podcast Audio Editing


Everyone laughed at Joe Rogan when he started podcasting with his friends. Now everyone’s doing it. Podcasting has become a marketing staple for so many businesses. That means there’s an opportunity to become a podcast editor and make money doing it. You take rough audio recordings and transform them into polished episodes. It’s up to you to make sure the audio is top quality. That also means adding intros, outros, music, and other stuff like that.


There’s a lot that’s good about being a podcast editor. You can be pretty creative. You’ll work as a freelancer so that you can set your own schedule. You’ll also learn a lot on the job because you’ll be editing podcasts from various niches with different guests. It’s a great role, to be honest. But you need to have solid attention to detail. You must also get good at audio editing and be comfortable with an inconsistent income. But that applies to most business ideas since you’ll be the boss. You might start out as a freelancer, but there’s room to scale into a full-time agency with employees as you get more experienced.


Now, let’s talk about the financial side of things. The income you can earn as a podcast editor can vary. Starting out, you might charge around $20 to $40 per hour. As you get more experience and establish a solid portfolio, you could potentially charge $50 to over $100 per hour. It’s a pretty tidy income. This kind soul over Reddit shared how he makes $6,000 per month minimum with his podcast editing agency, and if you got offered a job editing podcasts, you’d likely be getting paid an average of $53,806 dollars per year, according to Glassdoor.


So, if you’re sold on starting a podcast editing business, here’s how you get started. First, you must get familiar with audio editing software such as Audacity, Adobe Audition, or Hindenburg Journalist. Get yourself on YouTube and learn some audio production concepts like sound levels, noise reduction, equalization, and compression. The next step is to build a portfolio. To do this, you can edit sample podcast episodes.


You can utilize royalty-free podcast recordings or offer to work for free for a few new podcasters. It’s also worth considering creating profiles on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to find potential clients. But let me give you a pro tip. The key to making good money as a podcast editor is to work mostly with businesses that use podcasting as part of their marketing mix. They actually have a budget and tend to be better about keeping a consistent production schedule. There you go. When you’re editing for Joe Rogan in the future, remember who helped you.


This business is a great idea, but it takes some skill-building and a decent chunk of time to build the momentum you need to generate a solid income. And you could make $6,000/Month. That’s why it isn’t higher on this list, and I’m giving it a 6.5/10.


Idea #3 – AI Print-On-Demand T-Shirts


This one is similar in some ways to the best item on this list … but I’m saving that bad boy until last. A print-on-demand business basically involves working with another company to develop products. Essentially, you send the supplier your artwork and ask them to put it on brand-free products like T-shirts. You then sell the products using your own website, or you can use a site like Etsy. Then, the supplier takes care of the order for you without you having to lift a finger. Your role is to sell the products and pocket the profit. But what if you don’t know how to get great artwork? What if you can’t even draw a good stick figure? Now, here’s where the genius comes in. If you haven’t heard of this, there’s an AI art-generating app called Midjourney that can design any artwork you ask. If you haven’t heard of it before, Midjourney is the most popular AI art-generating app at the moment. It connects with another free app called Discord. All you do is open up the Mid Journey Discord server and then type in what you want to create, and it’ll make that image for you. You can then take that image it creates and use it for your t-shirt designs. It’s such a cool business hack.


If you’re creative and love coming up with new design ideas, starting an AI-powered print-on-demand t-shirt business could be perfect for you. Another benefit is that it’s low cost and high return on investment, seeing as you don’t hold any stock, you don’t own any premises, and you sell on a per-order basis. Now, a common concern people have is that it’s too competitive and over-saturated. I get why people ask that. Fortunately, this worry is overblown because you’re putting your unique designs on the products, so there’ll be nothing like it. Here’s how to get started. You’ll need to find a supplier to fulfill the order and send them artwork. Then, you’d need to build an online store using WordPress and install a WooCommerce plugin, which helps you sell products online way easier. Some suppliers like CustomCat and ScalablePress integrate with WooCommerce nicely and easily, making the process smooth. If you don’t want to build an online store, you can list your t-shirts straight on Etsy, which is more competitive but already has a strong user base.


But with all that being said, can you expect to make much money with this? The short answer is – yes. For example, Michael Essek from michaelessek.com revealed in an article how he went from making $50 a month to earning $9000 – $15,000 per month with his print-on-demand business. So, needless to say – this business model still absolutely works and could be a great way to earn $10k per month or more. You could make up to $15,000 monthly, so I’m giving this a solid 7/10 cash rating. The best business model in this article is similar but with almost none of the drawbacks, so keep watching to find out what it is. Guys, I love helping you out and reading the comments on these videos because they give me an idea of what you like.


Idea #2 – Subscription Boxes


Finding putting together and delivering a selection of items to subscribers regularly, usually monthly or quarterly, allows you to provide something exciting and novel for your customers they won’t get anywhere else. This model avoids the usual issues you run into when you run an e-commerce business in that with a traditional e-commerce store; your sales are up and down like a yo-yo. Wait … does everyone remember Yoyos? The 90s wasn’t that long ago, right? But with a subscription box, it’s totally different and, in my opinion, much better. With a subscription box business, sales are coming in monthly, so your main goal is keeping your customers happy. You already know how much product inventory you need each month.


You don’t have to constantly feel like you must sell every day. It makes your income way more predictable and stable. You’ve probably heard about some big players in this space, like Dollar Shave Club, which sold for $1 billion. But don’t let this intimidate you because it just shows there’s demand and money to be made in this space. If there’s already something that you’re super into and know a lot about, then obviously start there. The industry is growing rapidly, and there’s always room for new people because of many potential subscription box niches. I love ideas with many potential niches because you don’t have to be so competitive. There’s room for everyone, so don’t even try to compete with the big subscription box businesses. Instead, focus on finding a specific area of interest with a cult following. If you can find the right niche, your subscription box will fly off the shelves like crazy. 


Now, you might be thinking of ideas and struggling to develop some good ones. I’ve got you covered. Here are a few I came up with.


  • Time Capsule Box: Each month, subscribers receive a collection of nostalgic items, like old candies, retro toys, and memorable pop culture references from a specific era.
  • Sock Subscription: Or sockscription…god I’m sorry. The idea is to send out a funky and unique pair of socks each month with some quirky designs, patterns, and colors.
  • Taste of Around the World: Send your subscribers a selection of unique and traditional snacks, candies, or ingredients from different countries each month.


See? There’s a ton of potential ideas and niches that nobody is doing. And yes, you can make a lot of money doing this. Let’s say you put together a box for $30 but charge $50. That means you have a $20 profit on your subscription. And if you have 50 subscribers, you’re making a $1,000 profit every single month. Fifty subscribers isn’t that much. Also, something to consider is that as you get more subscribers, your profit margin increases because you can buy items in bulk. That’s a piece of advice from Sarah Williams, who built a seven-figure subscription box business and made $1,000,000 in only three years. There’s no reason you can’t do the same. You could make up to $27,000 per month. Now, this has the potential to make a lot of money, but it loses slightly to the number one choice on this list, and I’m about to tell you why.


Idea #1 – Drop Servicing


Okay, I know it’s obvious to suggest a business idea that I sell a course on, but I will wade through the cringe because this business model could potentially change your life. I know this because Drop Servicing changed mine. I used to work in a dead-end job in a call center, but this business model allowed me to turn it around. But what is Drop Servicing? This is similar to drop shipping, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. But unlike drop shipping, where you sell products, Drop Servicing is a business model where you sell a service to a client and outsource that service to a freelancer who fulfills that service.


You pocket the profit, and everyone is happy. Your client is happy because they’re getting a high-quality service delivered. Your freelancer is happy because they’re being paid a high income for their location. And you’re happy because all you had to do was sell the service, be the middleman in between, and count the cash. Not a lot of work, really. And the ROI is high with extremely low start-up costs. Because you aren’t delivering the service yourself, an absolute beginner can start this business and start generating income. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a fully legit business model that makes real money.


For example, Aleksa is consistently making $10,000 per month, and Derrick made $23,000 in a month because, with a single client, he has a $7,400 recurring payment monthly but also a 6% revenue share with that client. The potential profit margins are ridiculous in a good way. To start a drop-servicing business, you need to choose your niche, find your service providers, and set up your business website and platform. Decide on your pricing and packages, start marketing the hell out of your service, and get the ball rolling. If that all sounds a bit too complicated, I promise you that it isn’t.


Now that you know exactly what to do and how to break it all down, I’ve got something for you at the end of this article to help you get started and make your first $10,000 monthly in no time. But one thing I really like about this business model is how pretty much anyone can get started with this and start making money. It took me just a few months to start making high-income sales, and there’s no reason you can’t either.


Based on the examples I’ve shown you, it’s possible to make up to $20,000 per month, but there are examples in my community of people making a lot more than that, so check out my Drop Servicing YouTube channel or the free 2-hour training if you want to learn more about that. It’s what’s made most of my money and the people I’ve taught. Drop Servicing is my baby, so this gets a 9/10 from me because it’s such a good business model.