Drop Servicing Q&A: How long until I’ll get sales?


Drop Servicing Q&A: How long until I’ll get sales? Blog Image

So before we get started, a massive congratulations to all of these students of the Drop Servicing Blueprint for the sales they got and posted in our private community. Let’s jump right in…


  1. What is a better way to approach clients on LinkedIn – Should I say something like.. ‘Hey, it’s wonderful to connect,’ and then engage in a conversation and, if there is a scope, send my offer? Or do I send the offer directly? 
  2. How should I price the services? 
  3. How do you build trust without past work or portfolio? 
  4. Will the freelancer not contact the client directly if they come to know about their name? They can offer their services at a cheaper rate. 
  5. How do you explain your business to your freelancer, and how do you split the profit? 
  6. Most of the freelancers on Upwork have an hourly price. It confuses me a little bit. Can you please explain how that works? Also, how do you get freelancers to be on board and ensure you’re not scamming them? How do you provide the service for the client if the freelancer and the client don’t meet? I thought the freelancer delivered the service. 
  7. Hey Dylan. I was wondering what app or software I should use to communicate with my clients especially if they try to contact me through my website. 
  8. Hey Dylan, what are the best apps for the payment process between the clients and me? 
  9. Can I use a free website domain to attract professional clients? 
  10. Hey, man, I was thinking, what are your thoughts on drop-servicing YouTube thumbnails? And also, do you think we should offer free value to prospects first? It is a good way to gain their interest, but I’d have to pay my designer for the examples that I will send out for free.


So, in case you haven’t already, check out the free 2-hour training in the description below this video, where I’ll tell you everything you need to know to earn your first $10,000 online with drop servicing.