6 Best Drop Servicing Niches for Beginners 2023


6 Best Drop Servicing Niches for Beginners 2023 Blog Image

These are the 6 best drop servicing niches for beginners this year. In fact, I’d say any one of these niches will take you to $10,000 per month fast, and to show you I’m not all talk, I’ll put some examples of students of the Drop Servicing Blueprint getting sale after sale here.


3D Modeling for Architects


CTS is a great niche because they make a lot of money, and what is the best service to sell to this niche? 3D modeling. Architects use 3D modeling throughout their projects because it allows for enhanced visualization, communication, and iteration of design ideas and other things, ultimately leading to better-designed and more successful projects. Architects often choose to outsource 3D modeling for many reasons.


First, they get the specialized expertise of 3D modeling firms or freelancers. Second, outsourcing is a more cost-effective solution, especially for smaller architecture firms that may not have the resources or budget to maintain an in-house 3D modeling team. Third, outsourcing can help architects meet tight deadlines and manage project workflows more efficiently. Architects can focus on core design activities and project management by delegating the time-consuming task of 3D modeling to external experts.


So you already have 3 benefits you can use right there to sell this service to Architects, but how will you find them? Online directories like Houzz Pro, Architizer, and AIA’s Find an Architect option allow you to connect with architects actively seeking collaborators and services like 3D modeling. You can use tools like these to find architects and then reach out with an offer for your service.


TikTok Advertising for Ecommerce


It seems like every few years, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to advertising that blows up, and all of the early overs into that new platform take the biggest slice of the pie. TikTok ads are that new kid on the block, and they’re getting more advertisers on board every single day. 

You can reach close to 1 billion people with tik tok ads, the fastest growing ad platform. So this creates a major opportunity for any drop servicer looking to create a recurring revenue stream. The best niche for tik tok ads right now is e-commerce because it’s very easy to create product-focused ads that make a profit with tik tok.


All you need to do to start selling is find a freelancer on Upwork willing to work with you, then use a site like Built With, which will provide you lists of leads that have a website built on Shopify, for example, which is the leading platform for e-commerce, you can then reach out to these companies offering your service. So how much can you make selling tik tok ads?


Well, you can hire a TikTok ad buyer for around $500 per month for a given package, and that same package can go for $2,000, which means you can make $1,500 recurring revenue for every single client you land with 7 clients you’ll already be making $10,000 per month in profit.


3D Animation for Medical Clinics


Animation is a really popular drop servicing business model, but I see most drop servicers make a big mistake in focusing on a broad market without differentiating their offer at all. Differentiation creates both real and perceived value. So it’s an essential part of building a successful drop servicing offer.


3D animation for medical clinics is a great example of this. Every medical clinic goes through the process of explaining procedures to patients beforehand, and the patient may have many questions about the procedure, but what’s more important is having a good understanding of the procedure can also relieve the patient’s anxiety and give them more peace of mind.


So that makes this the perfect niche for 3D animation because there is a good need for it, and Medical Clinics also have a lot of money to spend. And it’s pretty easy to start this business; just like the others, you can find freelancers on Fiverr, then research on Google for medical clinics and reach out to them offering your services. 


 Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents


The average age of a real estate agent is 49 years old. So this niche might have better people skills than millennials or Gen Z because they grew up without computers, but the opportunity is the majority of agents don’t have a clue about anything digital marketing related. Their business relies purely on ‘real-life connections, so there’s a major opportunity here for a drop-servicing business providing lead generation services to real estate agents.


Essentially you’ll be helping them get a buyer and seller leads using things like Facebook advertising. You can reach out to real estate agents via their Facebook pages or the contact info they have on those pages. Essentially offering them a service for generating buyer and seller leads. A buyer lead is someone interested in buying a home, so you just set up a carousel ad with all the agents’ homes they have on offer, then target audiences likely interested in buying a home.


A seller lead is interested in selling their home, so you might target them with an ad offering a free PDF on ‘The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Homes Value Quickly. This is a great service and niche combination that any beginner drop servicer can get started with.


Thumbnail Design for Youtubers


Youtube is essentially its own economy, contributing 35 billion dollars to US GDP, having 390,000 full-time paying jobs, and the platform is growing with 15% more channels having over 100 thousand subscribers in the last year alone plus 6,500 channels with than 1 million subscribers which is also an increase of 15% so that makes it a great market for any drop servicer to enter.


And which jobs pay the most? Well, if you think about it, unless the YouTuber does everything themselves, each video will need a script written, a video editing, a thumbnail designed, and someone to manage the channel itself. And the crazy thing is when you look at Upwork data, video editing takes up 50% of the youtube related projects, but thumbnail design comes in second with 25%. The great thing about thumbnail design is that it is the most important part of making a good youtube video because if the viewer doesn’t click on the video, they aren’t watching it! So how can you start this business?


Easy, first find a thumbnail designer on Upwork, second get some examples of their work, and put together an outreach email using ChatGPT, then the secret part here is that on a youtube channel, most creators have a business email listed where you can send them your offer, reach out to a few YouTubers and boom you have recurring revenue because the YouTuber will need thumbnails for every video.


AI Application Development for Education


In an era defined by rapid advancements in technology and a global shift towards digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of innovation. This is especially true in online education, where AI applications can revolutionize how courses are delivered, accessed, and experienced by students.


As of 2023, the eLearning market is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025, according to Research and Markets. This staggering figure is a testament to the rising demand for digital education worldwide. Online course providers are always on the hunt for innovative solutions to maintain competitiveness, improve course delivery, and enhance student learning experiences. This is where AI application development for education businesses comes into play.


AI applications can help educational businesses in numerous ways:


Personalized Learning: AI can adapt to a student’s individual learning style and pace. It can personalize course content and provide targeted resources to improve learning outcomes.


Smart Analytics: AI-powered analytics can provide invaluable insights into student behavior and performance. These insights can be used to enhance course content, optimize course delivery, and boost student engagement.


Automated Administration: From grading assignments to managing enrollments, AI can automate routine administrative tasks. This increases efficiency, reduces human error, and allows educators to focus more on teaching.


Chatbots: AI-enabled chatbots can provide instant, personalized responses to student inquiries. This improves student satisfaction and reduces the workload on support staff.


Now that you understand the value of AI applications for online education businesses let’s dive into a specific strategy for finding and securing these clients:


LinkedIn Outreach Strategy


Step 1: Profile Optimization: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional and compelling. Your profile should clearly state that you specialize in providing AI application services for online education businesses. Showcase your expertise, previous work, and satisfied clients.


Step 2: Targeted Networking: Identify and connect with decision-makers in the online education space. This might include owners of online course platforms, administrators, and even teachers who are influencers within their organizations. Send personalized connection requests stating why you’re interested in connecting with them.


Step 3: Join Relevant Groups: Participate in LinkedIn groups related to eLearning and AI technology. Share your insights, participate in discussions, and engage with potential clients. This will help establish your expertise and credibility in the industry.


Step 4: Content Marketing: Regularly post engaging content on your LinkedIn profile about the benefits of AI applications in online education. This can be in the form of articles, infographics, case studies, and success stories. Make sure your content is informative and valuable to your target audience.


Step 5: Direct Outreach: Once you’ve built some rapport and demonstrated your expertise, it’s time for direct outreach. Send personalized messages to your potential clients, explaining how your AI application service can benefit their business. Make sure to offer a call or a meeting to discuss their specific needs and how your solutions can meet them.


Remember, this strategy is not about hard selling but about building relationships and trust. Your potential clients need to see you as a knowledgeable partner who can add value to their business, not just a vendor selling a service.


In summary, the demand for AI applications in the online education space is soaring. If you position yourself correctly, showcase your expertise, and network strategically, you can tap into this lucrative market and help shape the future of digital education.