10 Habits That Made Me A Millionaire


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This is the video I wish I watched before I got started because these ten habits made me a millionaire!


After trying all kinds of crazy things in the world of personal development, these ten habits have had the biggest impact on my ability to generate income. And I think there might be one or two that will surprise you.

Building High-Income Skills

The number one habit I developed was building high-income skills. This means any skill that has the potential to make you a lot of money without taking a lot of your time. In other words, skills that have a low time-to-dollar ratio. The number one skill that has the potential to make the most money with the least time once built is the ability to build a business—being able to organize resources in a way that generates economic value.


I wanted to start with this habit because I think that all those that follow essentially boost or optimize this habit making your results a lot faster and easier. But learning a business model that you find interesting will mean you can maximize your profit potential. So I started searching for business models until I found one that suits me, which, if you’re a regular viewer, is called drop servicing.


Now, what I would do to build this habit is come home from work each day and work on my business for 30 minutes or an hour. Over time my business grew bigger and bigger to the point where I could quit my job, travel the world, and build a large team. So building high-income skills that can give you an unlimited potential income means you won’t be limited in the results you can get by implementing the following habits.


Habit Tracking

Because for example, if I just came home from work each day and didn’t have a plan and goals already laid out, I might decide it feels better to relax and watch Netflix. But by building the habit of tracking my habits each and every day, I always knew what I should be doing at any given time.


The repetition of tracking your habits basically guides your mind towards the person you want to be, so even if you don’t complete a given habit on a particular day, you’ll be that much more motivated to complete it the next day, and when you create a chain of daily habits it becomes more and more challenging to break them.


Eventually, you get motivated to fill in your tracker each day and find that things that felt difficult before became easy. So the habit of checking my daily routines as soon as I got out of bed and right before getting in bed meant that my mind was focused on the goal, and I was able to remove all distractions.


Scheduling Every Day

Beyond tracking my habits, the biggest game changer for me in increasing my income was scheduling every single day. Creating a dynamic to-do list of things and structuring them within the confines of the available hours gives you more freedom and control over your day. You’re much less likely to procrastinate, so you end up doing a few tasks that move you toward your goal.


This significantly contributed to my financial success because instead of wasting time, I had specific tasks I needed to get done each day, such as building my website, creating an offer, reaching out to prospects, and offering clients services. Because Parkinson’s law is a killer, it states that the time it takes to complete a task will expand to fill the time you have.


The more time you give yourself to complete a task, the longer it will take you to complete that task. So by scheduling my day every day, I was able to get a lot more done in a much shorter time.


Deep Work

So once I figured out that I wanted to make my main goal at a young age making money because it would give me the ability to unlock all the other levels in life, I began tracking my habits and writing down a schedule for each day, this meant I got a lot more done and removed procrastination.


But! There was something sinister in the background. Because sure, I knew what I was meant to do, and I would do those things. But I lacked the ability to focus on one thing. I’d be distracted by a million things and would be working on the right things but not in an efficient way. In fact, multitasking doesn’t exist, and only by focusing on a single task can you hit a state of flow where everything just feels like it comes to you with no effort.


That’s why the third habit is highly crucial, the habit of deep work. Deep work is a term coined by author and professor Cal Newport to describe the ability to focus intensely on cognitively demanding tasks without distractions. It involves dedicating a significant amount of time to work that requires deep concentration and mental effort, such as writing, programming, or problem-solving.


So to optimize your work period for maximum deep work productivity, you should have a calm, relaxed environment devoid of distractions where you perform your work each day. The routine of working in the same spot each day with no distractions will maximize your performance and help you get results faster. By focusing on the big tasks and automating the small ones, you can reach your financial goals that much quicker.


Good Nutrition

But it’s all well and good to structure your day and make the time to work on building a business that maximizes your income through deep work periods. Still, if your brain is weak and you don’t have the mental capacity to complete these tasks, you’ll perform suboptimally and ultimately give into the temptation of playing video games, watching Netflix and eating pizza.


So you need to make sure that every habit in your life is optimized around allowing you to perform at peak capacity. Good nutrition is essential to your mental performance and, ultimately, your results. There are all kinds of misinformation and conflicting opinions in the world of nutrition. But overall, it’s pretty simple.


Just make sure you are getting enough calories from whole food sources and meeting your requirements for micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Because the food you put in your body literally determines your capacity for getting things done, if you feel sluggish and weak, you’re going to fail. So make sure you get this dialed in as soon as possible.


Limiting Social Media

Nutrition determines your physical energy, but when it comes to your mental energy, it’s easier than ever to live in a complete state of distraction where you have devices that give you a dopamine hit at your fingertips. You don’t need to achieve anything in life anymore because you can live through the achievements of others.


The thing is, being a consumer at all times limits your capacity to create because we only have a limited amount of attention daily. So even if we structure our day ideally to maximize our engagement on the right things, if we’re draining our brain of focus, we won’t be able to take advantage of that structure. By constantly having access to mental stimulation, we limit our cognitive abilities regarding tasks that bring results. So the habit of restricting social media is absolutely crucial.


Focus on becoming a producer, not a consumer, and it’s OK to consume a little social media but make sure you control that as well. For example, you could say you’ll check it daily between 8 pm and 10 pm. Giving yourself rewards for good behavior is okay because you’re in control. Still, without that structure, you’re giving your life away to these massive companies whose entire job is to take away your attention from what matters.



So, you’re probably noticing by now that every habit that’s made me a millionaire comes down to maximizing the time I have. I’ve taken control of my time and then the quality of my output during that time. Meditation is a very common habit that most of the millionaires I know mention. And the reason is that it allows you to take control of your default pleasure-focused mind to focus it on the tasks that will get you closer to your goals.


It enhances your capacity for focus in a distracted world. So, you can get very complex with meditation. Still, at the end of the day, as long as you sit down in a quiet environment for 15 minutes every day and focus on relaxing your body, focusing on your breathing, and being aware of your thoughts, then you’ll get most of the benefit from that.


Keep a straightforward mindset with it, and don’t give yourself the goal of not thinking; that’s ridiculous, especially for beginners. It is a win if you can sit still without distractions for 15 minutes, even if your mind runs wild. Just like we do repetitions of bicep curls in the gym, simply repeating your meditation practice and noticing the number of times you get distracted means you are doing it right.


No Alcohol or drugs

And this one should go without saying, but if you’re drinking alcohol more than once or twice a week and doing drugs, you’re severely limiting your capacity to achieve your financial goals. Don’t get me wrong, we should all have fun and life, and it’s possible to succeed while doing these things.


But on average, you are severely limiting your mental capacity by doing these things. Countless studies are showing that alcohol impacts not only your cognitive ability on the day you drink it but also in the days after. Not to mention all the other detrimental health impacts.


When it comes to your physical and mental energy, alcohol and drugs will drain it more than anything. So I made it a rule for myself not to do these things, and sure now and again, I’d drink, but most of the time, I was as sober as possible, and it made a massive difference in my productivity.



So far, we’ve been talking about maximizing your time, maximizing your focus, maximizing your energy, and putting all of your attention into the number one thing of building a business with unlimited financial potential. So this one here is more related to the input for that.


Because when you’re building a business, there are a thousand things you need to know and a hundred mistakes you’ll probably make, so why not learn from the people who have done it before you and tell you everything to do and everything to avoid?


That’s why doing a bit of reading every day on something relevant to your business and self-development is crucial, especially in the beginning, because you’re learning new skills and mindsets. This means you take in the knowledge that leads to an implementation that leads to results. So learning is crucial and having that knowledge input will help you get results so much faster.



Now, I’ve basically covered every possible habit you could do so far to maximize your time and energy and focus on making money. All of these habits give you the capacity to work on the #1 thing: making money. But our brains and bodies are connected more than we know.


If you’re not taking care of your body, your mind will not be operating at peak performance, so I don’t care if it’s going for a walk, the gym, or playing a sport; you absolutely must be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day if you want to get more out of your time. Everyone knows this, but it’s pretty depressing when you learn the statistics on how few people do this. These people are limiting their success, and it’s sad.


If you can implement at least half of these habits into your daily routine, you will see your ability to make progress toward your financial goals skyrocket! These things made me a millionaire so much faster than I would have achieved if I didn’t have them because they meant I could get higher quality work done, at a higher volume, in a shorter amount of time.


These habits were the difference in years and years of progress because of how much faster I could achieve my goals. So I urge you to start implementing these into your own life.


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